How To Pack A Bowl: Superbowl LIV Edition!

Pack a bowl this year so good that no matter what team ends up loosing, everyone wins. Although our home team didn’t make it this season, we’re still celebrating big! This excessive bowl isn’t how we commonly smoke, but for parties it’s always a fun way to treat yourself! For this superbowl, we’re packing a blend of weed, hash, and kief from three different high end companies. The starting flower features TJ’s Organics Purple Kush. A delicious candy grape indica that is relaxing without the sleepy finish. For those that get stuck watching the game on the ground or fold out chairs, add some Afgoo kief from Herba Cannabis! Your tushy will thank you three hours later. At this point your’e probably thinking jeez, all indica strains? This bowls gonna zone me out and even worse, fall asleep before the Shakira & J-Lo half time show!

Don’t fear, When the heady Sour Lemon Tree hash rosin by Polar Icetracts gets added into the mix, the superbowl starts to feels balanced and ready to share. We love this Sour Lemon Tree hash because it has an uplifting happy focus that pairs well with body focused strains like Purple Kush and Afgoo. We could tell you how we like to pack our bowl, but we thought making a video might be easier!