“Other-worldly”, “ethereal”, “assured”, “strong”, “soft”, “magnetic”, “enchanting” — these are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe JusMoni’s voice. With a cadence unlike any other, years of honing her limitless range have cemented her as Seattle’s foremost electro-soul songstress and songwriter.

Otherwise known as Moni Tep (b. 1993), JusMoni’s body of work, to-date, includes three self-produced albums and a fourth on its way, performances across the United States and Canada, and collaborations with the best and brightest emerging talent of the contemporary R&B music scene. She is as steeped in R&B, with its roots in the Black church, as she is in the traditional music and practices of her motherland Cambodia. Her songs relate narratives of motherhood, spiritual transformation, the blood’s memory, and family tradition. She lives and works here, in Seattle, WA.

In addition to her musical prowess, her innately holistic approach to creation has lead to new and exciting endeavors. We are incredibly proud to have worked with Moni to release a 100% natural apothecary line. How We Met, produced by JusMoni as Saffroniaa, is designed as not only a product but also as a tool to include in the practice of self-care. Follow her for upcoming markets where her line can be purchased.

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