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lux /leks/


A standard rating of illuminance, or measurement of light, integral to cannabis growth.

Lux means “Light”.

Of all the dispensaries in Seattle, Why (LUX) POT SHOP?

Community. Culture. Cannabis.™

Above all else, it’s these three words that define what we’re made of.

When it comes to pot shops, Seattle is a land of plenty. We know you have options. That’s why every time you choose to shop with us, we spare no effort to make the experience a cut above. 

Every day following our 2014 grand opening of the (Lux) Ballard location, we have worked tirelessly to curate the best cannabis products in the state of Washington and provide them to our community in an engaging, welcoming setting. Across three Seattle, WA locations, (Lux) aims to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience and foster a relationship of trust and transparency with our fantastic customers. Whether you’re a discerning toker in search of a one-stop shop for small-batch, handcrafted flower, edibles, pre rolls, & concentrates, or are totally new to any form of cannabis and seeking direction, you’re considered a VIP at (Lux).


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What would (LUX) be without our community?

If we saw community as anything less than integral, the upcoming section would go a little differently. We would fill you in on the details of our in-store initiatives and company donations for Seattle area causes. We would pat ourselves on the back for our involvement in progressive industry advocacy groups like Last Prisoner Project and Cage Free Cannabis. 

But the ways we give back to our community are the smaller story here. The support we receive from its members like you are the real headline. You give us something vital: a reason to keep striving for excellence.

The opportunity to have in-depth conversations and build relationships with great people like you, with the plant we love at the center of it all….you gift us with this every day, and we’re beyond grateful.

In return? We promise to provide impeccable service, a clean organized atmosphere, and an awesome selection of products. We promise to be an inclusive space where any and all questions are encouraged. And last, but certainly not least, we promise to pay your unwavering support forward, by supporting cannabis producers whose values of quality, integrity, and inclusiveness align with our own.


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In all honesty, we find the term “recreational cannabis” to be a bit of a misnomer; we prefer “adult-use cannabis”. For one, it misrepresents the scores of people who depend on “recreational” dispensaries to manage medical symptoms. But the term also implies people who use marijuana are a monolith: people who like to get high just for fun. 

We believe that cannabis users are a group as diverse as any, with a wide array of interests, experiences, and reasons for why they partake.

The modern user sees cannabis as a complement to their hobbies, their social life, and their personality, not as a substitution for any of it. As true believers in the transformative powers of cannabis, we attempt to not only normalize its use, but normalize an understanding of cannabis as something to accompany experiences.

Our staff’s go-to question for customers is, “What do you plan on doing after you smoke?”. Also we frequently sponsor Seattle’s culture & arts, events, and musical talent. Having the right cannabis for the right experience is our goal. We host many of our own events to promote this as well. From gourmet infused dinner parties, to live music, to educational sessions for seniors, we aim to facilitate a culture of involved, enthusiastic, informed cannabis consumption. 



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Community & Culture may be the heart and soul of (Lux) Pot Shop, but Cannabis? Cannabis is our lifeblood.

More than anything else, the experience of shopping at (Lux) is elevated thanks to our curated selection and unparalleled staff who live, breathe, sleep, and eat cannabis.

Whatever your considerations for your cannabis purchases may be: effects, flavor, rare genetics, consistency, sustainability, growing standards/methods…..they’re ours too. Our exhaustive pursuit of the absolute best cannabis products in Washington is constant and tailored to our clientele’s evolving needs. 

It would certainly be easier for us to carry the same products commonly found elsewhere. Mass-produced cannabis is easier to order, keep consistent stock of, and easier to source.

But we wouldn’t be (Lux) if we took the easy way out. We choose vendors with a similar ideology: when it comes to cannabis, taking the extra time to do things properly by hand will yield higher-quality results. Because we operated a dispensary during the early medical scene, we focus heavily on supporting the same small batch growers today. The owners are usually more friendly, local, responsible, and frequently use their own cannabis.

Our products we carry have been selected because they meet our discerning standards, so it naturally follows that our passionate team holds themselves to an equally lofty standard. With a heavy, ongoing focus on improving product knowledge and making intuitive recommendations, our friendly, helpful staff are invested in doing the work to serve you best. And while they possess a variety of backgrounds, interests, and experiences, they’re united by their common passion: selling great weed to great people. 

Not a talker? That’s alright! We made our store easy to browse, too. Our inventory is represented in easy-to-navigate, organized display cases.

The airy, inviting atmosphere of all 3 (Lux) locations makes one forget they’re shopping for a product that is still illegal in a large portion of the world. Our stores are filled with the warmth of natural light, but our products are tucked away in the cool darkness of drawers. Why? So that by the time you take your product home, it’s as fresh and beautiful as it was the day it was packaged.

Washington state’s recreational cannabis industry certainly isn’t lacking in retailers. Long gone are the days of asking “Where can I get weed?”. Now, it’s“Which store do I choose?”. 

What many don’t realize is that with this choice comes power. Power to shape the future of the industry. Power to support those with integrity. Power to take control of your relationship to this amazing plant.


Choose to embrace this power.