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Artizen Cannabis


The Artizen team developed a proprietary database in order to most efficiently grow and distribute their cannabis.

Aloha Friday Project

Aloha Friday

A project with Gold Leaf Gardens to give back through local non profits organizations. 

Canna Organix Cannabis Seattle


We constantly refine ourselves and encourage those around us.

gold leaf gardens, lux pot shop

Diamond Tips

Gold Leaf Gardens soil grown flower infused with Polar Icetracts hash rosin. 

Experience Organics Cannabis Seattle

Experience Organics

Experience Organics was born under a vision of innovation in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Falcanna Pre Rolls


Bethany and Justin started as medical marijuana providers on the Olympic Peninsula. The same practices then, apply today.  

Fifty Fold Cannabis, lux pot shop

Fifty Fold

I am the sole owner & head grower and have been a cannasseur and passionate cultivator for the majority of my life

house of cultivar seattle

House of Cultivar

Grown and rolled in Seattle. A carefully selected variety of genetics thrive in a modern indoor facility. 

Skord Flower


Saints was founded in the Georgetown/Seattle area by members of the Seattle Medical Cannabis community.

seattle bubble works hash

Seattle Bubble Works

Bringing solvent free ice water hash such as Temple Balls and Hash Blunts to the Seattle market.

Trail Blazin

Trail Blazin’

One of the few 100% LED Grown Farms in Washington. Pesticide Free and hand-trimmed. 

WA Bud Co

Washington Bud Company

Clean, healthy cannabis grown for taste and effects. Be happy! 

Pre Rolls, joints, doobies, whatever you call them we got em. We have plenty of Hash infused joints and even some cannagars and cannarillos for the special smoke downs. Everything from individual half gram pinners, to a 12 gram Leira Corona. Find something for yourself as well as the party joint to elevate the vibe.