Royal Tree Gardens Tacoma, WA
Purple Punch by Royal Tree Gardens Tacoma, WA
Royal Tree Gardens Tacoma, WA

Royal Tree Gardens in Seattle

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Royal Tree Gardens is based out of Tacoma,WA and all started in 2013 with five friends and a dream. At this point, the recreational market was very new and many uncertainties existed regarding the laws and regulations around producing cannabis legally. This gray area didn’t stop Royal Tree from getting started and instead pushed them to do it their own way. 

With no guaranteed on even having a license to grow, Royal Tree signed a warehouse lease in Tacoma then spent the next 7 months  building out the space from scratch to meet their specific needs. 

With a focus on quality, Royal Tree Gardens is known for their rare genetic offerings grown in a controlled indoor space, trimmed with care by human hands. 

One of their most popular strains is Middlefork, a pacific northwest classic cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Dutch Treat. A sativa hybrid with a berry-pine aroma that offers some relaxed vibes while staying alert and clear headed. 

If you care about more than high THC numbers, Royal Tree Gardens is worth trying. They grow for flavor and select strains with a high terpene content. We love this strategy because we feel like if weed tastes good, other aspects are probably going to match. Very rarely have we been disappointed by a strain that has a strong aroma. Most growers can make their plants look frosty. Few can make them taste delicious!