20% off Royal Tree, Heylo, and Good Tide 7/17-7/23
20% off Royal Tree, Heylo, and Good Tide 7/17-7/23

Fun Starts Here

Fun Starts Here

Spend Summer With Us

Spend Summer With Us Introducing the Lux Sponsored Artist Summer Series Wanderlust =/= wandering far. Let them catch flights. You can catch us turning every Seattle summer day into a destination of its own. After all,...

Splashing into Serenity with JUL!ET

Splashing into Serenity with JUL!ET Lux Sponsored Artist Summer Series #2“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  It’s been nearly a century since Albert Einstein spoke that sentiment into existence, but he never could...

Kickin’ It With Aryana León

Sponsored artist Aryana León unleashes her lioness energy on the soccer field and shares how to use cannabis to stay active.

Stack Up Goodness Food, Pet, and Hygiene Drive

Support Ballard Food Bank's Mission of Food Justice for All Now that we're in the thick of the holiday season and all its excess, there's no more critical time than right now to come together and remember there's enough to go around....

(Lux) x Kavu

Pack it in, pack it out on all your outdoor adventures this summer with our new line of Kavu bags. 100% of proceeds support Washington Wild!

Ganja Gone Wild

This summer, you can support sustainable cannabis and local environmental nonprofit Washington Wild in one fell swoop. Find out how here.

The Weed Lover’s Guide to Belltown Bloom 2024

Belltown Bloom is right around the corner! Check out our weed pairings for this can’t-miss music festival in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Fill Bowls & Warm Hearts Food Drive

Food insecurity has always been a pressing issue, but never has there been a better time to take action. Due to mass layoffs, inflation, and  the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, more members of our community are facing food...

How to Use a Dab Rig

If no one else will say it, we will: anyone can dab. But technique can make or break your experience. Here’s how to use a dab rig like a pro.

Cannabis genetics: What every smoker should know, as told by 3 growers

Most cannabis lovers are unaware of what goes on behind-the-scenes before a strain hits the shelves. That’s where we come in! We chatted with three of Washington’s best growers about all things genetics to give you an inside look at the story behind the strain.

Tree for Trees: Smoke Flower and Fight Deforestation with One Tree Planted

With Earth Week just around the corner, it’s time to face a difficult truth: cannabis production has its fair share of ecological consequences.  Aside from the massive amounts of energy and water it requires, cannabis cultivation also has...

What does good weed look like? How to shop with your eyes

In any industry, there are good options and bad options. Weed’s no different! Here’s how you can tell good herb from bad…on sight.

Is purple weed better than green?

Does the color of your cannabis indicate quality? By the end of this article, you’ll have all the cold, hard dope on the color of your dope.

Cannabis flavor profiles

Cannabis is quite the shapeshifter: it can naturally imitate countless familiar flavors. Discover everything this plant is capable of here.

Does THC percentage matter? (Spoiler: No, it doesn’t)

Many have come to rely on THC percentages to demystify their dispensary experience. There’s just one problem with that: they’re meaningless.

Lemonato Strain Review

Tranquil Forest shows us their sunny side with this sativa-dominant sparkler.

Roll Your Own!

A hand-rolled joint is, without question, the pinnacle of cannabis enjoyment. Don’t continue to settle for a subpar smoke- you’ve got this. There’s never been a better time than now to roll your own.

How to Use a Vape Pen

We can answer pretty much every question anyone could possibly have about vaping. Whether you already use a vape pen religiously, use a vape pen occasionally, or are a total newbie, read on to solidify your vaping expertise.


Food insecurity has always been a pressing issue, but never has there been a better year to take action. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic hardship many faced as a result, more members of our community than ever are...

Pressure Strain Review

If this hybrid cross of Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip) and Gary Payton ({Cookies x Cherry Pie} x Snowman) doesn’t knock your socks off, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that will.




Polar Icetracts Skord Cananbis Hash Rosin and PHO extracts
Polar Icetracts Skord Cananbis Hash Rosin and PHO extracts


cannabis flower arranged on gray backdrop
cannabis flower arranged on gray backdrop


Malt Balls and White Chocolate Truffles by Swifts Edibles
Verdelux chocolate edibles outside




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featuring sponsored artist @aryanaleonmusic for the ‘pass the light’ photoshoot. The new track is upbeat and fitting for a summer haze you can dance or melt away to
Sponsored artist @aryanaleonmusic living out everyone’s summer dream: more hang time 😎☀️🍃#spendsummerwithus #passthelight #linkinbio
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📸 with sponsored artist @aryanaleonmusic for her new herb themed single ‘pass the light’ out today 🎶

 #spendsummerwithus #passthelight #linkinbio