Ballard & Fremont Locations Temporary Hours of Operation 8am-9pm daily.

Ballard & Fremont Locations Temporary Hours of Operation 8am-9pm daily.

How to Use a Vape

We can answer pretty much every question anyone could possibly have about vaping. Whether you already use a vape pen religiously, use a vape pen occasionally, or are a total newbie, read on to solidify your vaping expertise.


Food insecurity has always been a pressing issue, but never has there been a better year to take action. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic hardship many faced as a result, more members of our community than ever are...

Pressure Strain Review

If this hybrid cross of Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip) and Gary Payton ({Cookies x Cherry Pie} x Snowman) doesn’t knock your socks off, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that will.

Dempsey Hope

At 21 years young, Dempsey Hope is a North Seattle singer, songwriter, and lover of all things cannabis. We’re pumped to sponsor Dempsey Hope and thrilled for his upcoming releases!

Best Ways To Smoke Weed

There’s so many beautiful things about flower. Its glittery appearance, wonderful aroma, unique effects…but we think the most beautiful is its versatility. With so much raw potential, it can be hard to choose a smoking method. So let’s get into it!

How to Consume Edibles

Edibles can be full of unknowns, but they don’t have to be. Find out how long edibles take to kick in, plus everything else you should know about consuming edibles, here.

Seattle Pride Foundation Fundraiser

3 days. 3 vendors. 1 great cause.

Celebrating Juneteenth | Donating to King County NAACP

We’re celebrating Juneteenth this year by giving 20% of sales from Saints this Saturday, June 19th, to the King County NAACP #1136, a local non-profit building a bridge to racial justice.

Best Strains For Being Stranded: Our Desert Island Picks

We asked our staff: “If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one strain, what would it be?” Check out their picks for castaway life here.

Sofa King Kush by Pacific NW Roots Strain Review

Lovers of Kush strains, rejoice! No longer do you have to lower your expectations. From its effects to its flavor and aroma profile, Sofa King Kush is a true prince among men.

Teaming Up With Last Prisoner Project

We love celebrating 420 with big smoke, big smiles, and high-fives, but we also recognize the opportunity to help those who sacrificed their freedom for cannabis.

How to Roll a Joint

There are numerous ways to roll a joint, and you’ll learn what works best for you with time. But for now, here’s your basic guide to rolling up.

TJ’s Samoa Cookies Strain Review

By this point, we’ve tried a lot of ‘cookies’ Washington has to offer. But with its gradual creeping effect that makes you just want to keep on smokin’, Samoa Cookies hits different.

Duo E-Rig: High Five Makes Vaping Convenient Anywhere

If there’s one piece of paraphernalia to have this year it’s the Duo E-Rig from High Five. Designed locally here in Seattle, we’ve been patiently waiting for these smart rigs to release.

Dolato By Royal Tree: Late Night Sweet Gas

Crossing two hype strains like Dosidos and Gelato sets the bar high, as both already have a reputation for checking all the boxes. Fortunately, Royal Tree has cultivated a winner that we find gets more enjoyable each day.



Fun Starts Here

Fun Starts Here