Dabs are typically viewed as the most complicated form of consumption – and not because they are particularly challenging, but the equipment needed to dab can sometimes be a little intimidating.  The term dab refers to when a ‘dab’ or small amount of shatter or wax is touched to a heat source, vaporizing the oil. This is actually very similar to that of a personal vaporizer or pen, just a on a larger scale. You will need a good dab rig (which may or may not come with a dome piece, in any event you will need one), a nail, a dabbing tool, a torch and your preferred concentrate for dabbing. If you need clarification on any of these items, please let our staff know as they would be happy to simulate a demonstration and further explain the equipment you will need to produce a good hit.

  1. First, make sure the water chamber is filled with the correct amount of water. Give a test inhale and make sure that the water doesn’t splash up to your lips, if it does make sure to pour out a small amount.
  2. For your first use of the nail, be sure to season it first.
    To ‘season’ the nail in the rig and heat until the metal turns red. You can then run it under cold water or place it in a bowl of water. Repeat this step three times on a new dabs to insure that all the polish on the metal has been removed.
  3. Use your dab tool to pick up a small amount of wax or shatter. REMEMBER with all dabs, a little goes a long way! Keep the wand close by.
  4. Use the torch to heat the nail inside of the rig. Be sure to point the torch away from the glass. Keeping the torch on the glass can potentially crack or damage your rig.
  5. Once the nail is heated and the dome is in place, wait no more than 30 seconds, and no less than 10, before touching the dab to the hot nail. The golden amount of time to wait varies with each rig and nail, so you’ll have to determine the best time dependent on repeated use.
  6. Once you have placed the wax on the nail, inhale through the down stem. Make sure to wipe as many surfaces of the wand on the heated nail as possible, to ensure you are capturing any of the residual wax.
  7. As the concentrate vaporizes, you will see vapor fill the glass. Continuously inhale until there is no remaining vapor in the chamber.
  8. Hold for a moment, exhale, and enjoy!