There are numerous ways to roll a joint. Often, smokers combine traditional methods with their own techniques that work best for them. All you will need is a flat surface, quality rolling papers, a crutch paper, a grinder, a small poker of some sort, and your stash of cannabis.

how to roll a joint infographic

  1. Break up your flower, carefully removing any stems. Place the contents in the grinder. Grind the flower and empty the material onto your rolling surface.
  2. Break off one piece of crutch paper and roll it into a crutch corresponding to the size of the joint you are intending to roll. The best way to create the crutch is to make three small folds in the paper and then roll the remainder of the paper around the folds. Remove a paper from your rolling paper pack.
  3. Hold the paper with the glue seam facing towards you. Place your ground cannabis in the paper’s trough and distribute it evenly. Put the crutch on one end of the paper and evenly align the edges of the crutch with the paper.
  4. Gently grasp the crutch and the middle of the joint. Begin to roll the paper back and forth between your two pointer fingers and thumbs being careful to keep the ground cannabis in the paper. As you roll the cannabis it will form a long cylinder shape.
    Once the cylinder is even and there are no bumps in the distribution, roll the paper just enough so the edge of the paper catches at the end of the crutch. Tuck in the side of the paper closest to you and begin to roll it so that the glue side can eventually stick to the bare side. While some cannabis may fall out, almost all of it should be well contained with in the joint at this point.
  5. Once you have rolled the side nearest you to just under the glue line, lightly lick the glue and seal it to the external side of the paper.
  6. At the open end, take the poker and gently tamp the cannabis down. Attempt to replace any cannabis that has fallen out into the cylinder you’ve rolled and sealed.
  7. Grasp the remaining unused paper at the open end of the joint with your thumb and first finger. Twist this section to close off the joint, so as not to lose any of the cannabis.
    Voila! Spark it and enjoy!