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Altus RSO produced from WoW industries


RSO from LUVit Farms Greenhouse grown flower. Sunshine helps naturally produce a wide spectrum oil available in THC and CBD varieties. 

Buddies Liquid Diamonds Vape Cartridges Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

Bacon’s Buds

Soil-grown, family owned located in Washougal, Washington. with a focus on a natural approach to cannabis cultivation.

SFV OG wax from Canna Organix Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

Canna Organix

Sourced from their green house flower, Canna Organix produces live resin and terp cystals in high CBD & THC. 

Cold Smoke Concentrates Sub X (Lux) Pot Shop Seattle, WA

Cold Smoke Sub-X

Award winning concentrates. Available in live resin carts, diamonds, sugar, and shatter consistencies.

GMO Solventless Hash Oil Seattle,WA

Constellation Cannabis

The highest standards for their flower and solventless hash oil products

Fire Bros Kief Hash Rosin, bho, wax, concentrates

Fire Bros

Known for their award winning Ewok in 2013,        Fire Bros breeds and produces unique cannabis.

Polar Icetracts Solventless Hash Rosin Seattle,WA

Gold Leaf Gardens

Also known as Polar Icetracts, all starting flower grown by Gold Leaf Gardens. Single sourced hash rosin and six star, always grown with aloha.

gold n grams concentrates

Gold N’ Grams

Smooth live resin BHO from the same crew making Bubbies Bubble and edible treats!

House of Cultivar Curated Cannabis

House of Cultivar

Grown and extracted in Seattle. A carefully selected variety of genetics start from tissue culture and thrive in a modern indoor facility. 

Kush Family Originals concentrates

Kush Family Originals

Stoner-owned, Home of the “Ghost” OG with a strong medical background and breeding roots.

OG Kush Live Resin by Oleum Extracts

Oleum Extracts

No additives. Just Oil. Wizard Stones, Cryotek, and Rocks and Sauce are just some of Oleums  great offerings.

Pacific NW Roots Solventless Hash Oil  Seattle,WA

Pacific NW Roots

Ras Kaya Paul bringing Kaya’s Kofee, The Freeze and other cultivars in rosin and bubble hash form.

Temple Balls, Bubble Hash, and Hash Blunts from Seattle Bubble Works

Seattle Bubble Works

Bringing high quality solvent-free hash such as Temple Balls and Hash Blunts to the Seattle market.

dabs live resin diamonds hash rosin super dave genetics

Super Dave Genetics

The Terp Gawd brings his unique genetics to the WA recreational market

Cannabis concentrates are made by taking the marijuana plant and refining it, to extract concentrated amounts of the most sought after components of the plant, namely high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Three general categories define the spectrum of concentrates that are sold at (Lux): light hydrocarbon, Co2, and solvent-less extractions. Light hydrocarbon extractions use solvents such as butane, isobutane or propane. CO2 extractions require liquid form CO2 to be placed in a high-pressure system, which then pulls the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. Solvent-less methods naturally extract the pure trichome heads through various techniques such as dry sift, ice water hash, or rosin. Each  extraction method creates a different product that can be used in various ways, from dabbing to personal vaporizers or sublingual use.

Cannabis concentrates come in many varieties and their final appearance depends on the original concentrated compound, as well as the extraction method. For example, vaporizer pen cartridges require that the concentrate be in a very low viscous near-liquid state, usually a Co2 or distillate extraction. Whereas other types of concentrates, (BHO, PHO, rosin, ice wax) regularly referred to as a ‘dab’ are usually applied to a heated surface such as a quartz or ceramic nail and consumed through a glass rig.

At (Lux), our primary concern when working with concentrate vendors is the purity of the product. Washington State has enacted strict laws on residual solvents, measured in parts per million (PPM), that may be left over in a concentrate. Each batch is tested by an independently licensed testing facility to guarantee they are safe for the consumer. At (Lux) we have partnered with the State’s best extractors to insure that all of our products have been meticulously refined, with industry leading vacuum ovens and top tier, commercial grade, distillation equipment. Moreover, as we are acutely aware of the environmental risks posed by the use of some of these solvents, (Lux) works to partner with providers who recapture virtually all of their solvents for future use and take additional, necessary steps, to be environmentally friendly.

Frequently Ask Questions about Concentrates

Why do concentrates vary so much in price?

The quality of the starting material usually dictates the price point. If you’re buying a really cheap dab, it’s commonly made with outdoor shake and minimally filtered. Higher end concentrates start with indoor grown flower that is usually good enough to sell as is. These high end oils are also refined to remove the unwanted plant matter like waxes, fats, and lipids.

What type of concentrate is best?

While there is much debate on the best type of concentrate, typically concentrates made with high quality bud rather than shake or plant trimmings are considered the most sought after. The appearance of a concentrate doesn’t always tell you if it’s going to have good flavor or get you high. Only way to truly know is vaping it yourself.

Whats the difference between hash rosin and live resin?

The term live resin and hash rosin often get confused when choosing concentrates. Live resin is a term for concentrates made with freshly harvested flower which tastes like the living plant smells. Hash rosin is a solventless technique which separates the cannabis resin from the plant matter with heat and tons of pressure. Similar to fresh pressed juice!

Do dabs get you higher than smoking flower?

While dabs are concentrations of cannabis plant matter, this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get more high. The strain and quality of the starting material used to make the oil will have a big impact on the potency of the dab. To make a strong dab, you need to grow strong flower first. Fire in = fire out.

How are dabs made?

Cannabis concentrates are made in various ways. The quality of the starting material and process determines the finished product. Cannabis oils can be sieved or extracted with both solvent and non-solvent techniques.

How do you take a dab?

A dab is a term used to vaporize cannabis oil. It’s reffered to a dab because you only need a small amount to get desirable effects. Usually a dab is taken with a small bong (also called a dab rig) that has a quartz skillet attached to melt the hash oil.

What are the different types of concentrates?

Concentrates range from a 99% THC or CBD crystalline isolate to a hand washed bubble hash. Different types of concentrates are used for various applications. A distillate oil is usually used for cooking or a vape cartridge, while a live resin hash is intended to be vaped through a dab rig.