grams of polar icetracts hash rosin and 6 star ice wax

Polar Icetracts in Seattle

Award Winning Solventless Hash

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Polar Icetracts is an award winning processor of full melt bubble hash and hash rosin. Part of the Gold Leaf Gardens family, every concentrate starts with Gold Leaf Gardens clean-green certified flower or a trusted company with similar growing practices and quality. The high quality resinous starting material, results in very minimal extraction/filtration needed to create the concentrate. No solvents such as butane or propane are ever used in the process, instead the starting material is washed through ice and water separating the sticky resin heads from the green plant matter. This hash (also known as full melt or bubble hash) is collected through micron screen bags then slowly dried to make sure no moisture remains. Many cannabis connoisseurs consider this to be the finest hash due to the flavor, purity, and true expression of the plant grown Any bubble hash that doesn’t meet the full melt six star quality, is squished with low heat and high pressure. The result is known as hash rosin and typically has a wet clay consistency and complex flavor.