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Animal Sherbert by Gold Leaf Gardens: Silly Stoned

APPEARANCE: Light purple covered with thick white resin and evergreen tree structure. FLAVOR: Petrol and sweet berries. EFFECTS: Strong relaxing effects, slightly loopy feel. GROW MEDIUM: Organic soil When Nate (owner of Gold Leaf Gardens) told us Animal Sherbert was...

Durban Poison by TJ’s Organics: Pure Focus

A landrace sativa from the port city of Durban, South Africa, Durban Poison is one of the most popular strains from TJ's Organics. Crack open the tightly sealed jar and you're hit with strong aromas of citrus cleaner and spice. So much so, that TJ's Durban has tested...

Tropicana Cookies by Aurum Farms: Sativa Cookie

APPEARANCE: Deep purple hues with a thick coating of frost and chunky cookie structure. FLAVOR: Strong orange taste with hints of grape juice. EFFECTS: Great uplifting onset while remaining in control. GROW MEDIUM: Organic soil If you've been missing the classic...

Animal Mints by Gold Leaf Gardens: Strong Happiness

Whenever we get a new strain from Gold Leaf Gardens, it's always an exciting day. Recently we received some of their Animal Mints, a cross of Animal Cookies and Thin Mint GSC. For the cookie fans that want an uplifting high, this one has a good rush of energy and...

Flavr Blue Cannabis Strain Launch to Benefit Reparative Justice

? The Flavr Blue Launches Cannabis Strain to Benefit Reparative Justice Seattle band teams up with local cannabis producer and retailer to fund cutting-edge reparative council SEATTLE, WA — On August 12th, Seattle cannabis retailer Lux Pot Shop is set to release a new...


Flavr Blue group portrait with cage free cannabis logo

Cage Free Cannabis

100% of strain sales go towards resolving the long-term effects of cannabis prohibition.

Lux Pot Shop Ballard Storefront

Sponsorships: Porter Ray

Sub Pops ‘Golden Child’ spreads positivity and love through his soulful rhymes.


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6 Best Patios With a View in Seattle

Some of our favorite outdoor spaces, with breathtaking views and excellent eats.

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Recipes: Spicy Summer Salad

We like our greens infused with cannabis oil! Our salad recipe is delicious and effective.


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CBD Capsules by Wildflower

Contain only two ingredients – 30 mg whole cannabis plant extract and organic hemp seed oil.

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How To: Roll a Joint

Pre-Rolls are convenient, but rolling your own and sharing it with a friend has a special feeling that’s hard to put into words.

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