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Forum Cookies Strain Cultivated by Kush Brothers

FORUM COOKIES BY KUSH BROTHERS   One of the earliest and rare cookie strains, Forum Cookies got it's name from a specific cutting of girl scout cookies shared on ICMAGs online forum. There's plenty debate on who has the true forum cookie cut, how it came to be,...

Apricot Breath Hash Rosin by Polar Icetracts

APRICOT BREATH  BY POLAR ICETRACTS Apricot Breath hash rosin! Grown by Gold Leaf Gardens, processed by Polar Icetracts in Lacey, WA. The hash rosin has a golden amberish color, super wet and lookin freshly pressed! Wavy with terps in the coin. Can easily see the rosin...

Hidden Pastry Strain grown by Skord Marijuana

HIDDEN PASTRY STRAIN GROWN BY SKORD MARIJUANA Hidden Pastry is like that sweet doughy treat you had one time in a small town but forgot the name. Hard to find, but totally worth the search. This tasty cross of Secret Cookies x Kush Mints bred by California based Seed...

Gaswerx Strain By Gold Leaf Gardens

GASWERX STRAIN BY GOLD LEAF GARDENS Gaswerx is a cross of two classic Kush cultivars, OG Kush and OGKB. The bud itself is really dense, large, really well trimmed, and well cured. It has contrasting dark, and light green color, with light orange hairs peppered over...

6 Ways Cannabis Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

6 Ways Cannabis Can Spice Up Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day For the first time in years Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. That means there’s no excuse to skip a night full of passion with your partner, or partners. Whether it’s the first V-Day you’re spending...

Ghost OG Strain By Kush Family Originals

GHOST OG STRAIN BY KUSH FAMILY ORIGINALS Ghost OG is a cutting of Josh D's original OG Kush that has been growing in the pacific northwest region for decades. If you want to try the original kush first, read the OG Kush Story review here! Because the original began...

OGKS Strain from Kush Family Originals

OGKS STRAIN BY KUSH FAMILY ORIGINALS OGKS (short for OG Kush Story) is THE original kush that started the craze across the US. An accidental cross of Hindu Kush x Emerald Triangle began in Florida in the early 90's. There's always debate on how everything began, fast...

Dolato Strain by Canna Organix

Dolato Custard by Canna Organix Dolato is a funky sweet cross of Dosido and Gelato 41. Canna Organix mixed light flower is great for hash oil that looks and taste like custard! Having the sweet tooth that I do, as soon as I heard a coworker mention the word "custard",...

DJ Short Blueberry Strain From Pacific NW Roots

DJ Short Blueberry Strain from Pacific NW Roots DJ Short Blueberry is distinctly berry. As soon as you open the jar, pure blueberry bliss smacks you in the nose. The flavor is mouthwatering. There’s a distinct difference between “this tastes kind of like blueberries”...

Donkey Butter Cannabis Strain from Mother Earth Farms

DONKEY BUTTER STRAIN BY MOTHER EARTH FARMS Donkey Butter is a powerfully relaxing strain bred by Exotic Genetix that proves if you have great cannabis, you can name it whatever you want! Goofy name aside, this cross of Grease Monkey x Triple OG is becoming a favorite...

CBG Hash Oil by Pacific NW Roots

CBG Hash Rosin by Pacific NW Roots CBG hash is here! More and more we've become interested in CBG products, we love Kaya and Pacific NW Roots so naturally we were very excited to give this a try. Kaya is a long time cannabis breeder in Washington. Recently he found...

Animal Cocktail Reserve PHO Wax from Skord

ANIMAL COCKTAIL PHO BY SKORD MARIJUANA Animal Cocktail is a mysterious cross full of unique flavor and effects. It's always exciting to try Skords reserve concentrates line, there's no guarantee you'll see these strain again from them! It's not that the genetics...


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CBD Capsules by Wildflower

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How To: Roll a Joint

Pre-Rolls are convenient, but rolling your own and sharing it with a friend has a special feeling that’s hard to put into words.