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CBG Hash Oil by Pacific NW Roots

CBG Hash Rosin by Pacific NW Roots CBG hash is here! More and more we've become interested in CBG products, we love Kaya and Pacific NW Roots so naturally we were very excited to give this a try. Kaya is a long time cannabis breeder in Washington. Recently he found...

Animal Cocktail Reserve PHO Wax from Skord

ANIMAL COCKTAIL PHO BY SKORD MARIJUANA Animal Cocktail is a mysterious cross full of unique flavor and effects. It's always exciting to try Skords reserve concentrates line, there's no guarantee you'll see these strain again from them! It's not that the genetics...

How Cannabis Can Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone – even harder to reconcile that we’re entering a new decade. Honestly, what better time is there to set some intentions, create achievable goals, and resolve to carry them well into the ‘20s? The reality being...

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

LUX’S GUIDE TO COPING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS It’s officially that time of year; the lights are up, caroler’s voices echo throughout festively decorated neighborhoods, eggnog and hot cocoa are on demand at every house party, and presents are plentiful. The holidays are...

Forbidden Fruit Cannabis by Saints! Strain Review

Forbidden Fruit from Saints! A cross of two famous strains Tangie and Cherry Pie. There is almost too many good things to say about this indulgent bud. The flower is a vivid medley of purpled and reds, nestled in luscious greens. I consider it one of the most...

Cannabutter at Home: Potent Edibles Made In a Crock Pot!

What better time to explore the beauty of cooking with cannabis than during the holidays! (Lux) Pot Shop’s Insanely Easy Crock-Pot Garlic Cannabutter is a fool proof process and can be spread on a roll, added to mashed potatoes, used to sautee Brussels sprouts, or...

Chocolatina Strain by Skord Marijuana Review

CHOCOLATINA STRAIN BY SKORD MARIJUANA Chocolatina get's the party bumpin! A fun cross of Mint Chocolate Chip x Tina bred by Exotic Genetics. Bright greens and purple pop in the jar. Frosty trichomes can be seen through the buds, even down to the stems. Skord is...

FECO: Full Extract Cannabis Oil CBD to THC ratios

FECO BY FAIRWINDS CANNABIS FECO is by far my favorite product from Fairwinds Cannabis. I appreciate the trusty, consistent dosage of the clicker, which helps me remember a consistent serving to take, unlike many other products. Having 1000mg in a pen that fits in your...

Gorilla Cake Hash Rosin Polar Icetracts Review!

GORILLA CAKE  BY POLAR ICETRACTS Gorilla Cake hash rosin! Grown by Gold Leaf Gardens, processed by Polar Icetracts in Lacey, WA. This hash is a blend of two of the most popular strains around. A beautiful combination of Gorilla Glue #4 (which we did a flower review on...

Platinum Cookies Strain Review! Best Cookies in Seattle

PLATINUM COOKIES STRAIN REVIEW  Platinum Cookies from TJ's Organics is available! Girl Scout Cookies is a fantastic cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Many people love it for the sweet flavor and strong effects. Platinum Cookies is girl scout cookies cross with an...

GG4 Cannabis Strain Review Gold Leaf Gardens

GG4  BY GOLD LEAF GARDENS GG4 short for Gorilla Glue #4, is gaining so much popularity over the years. In fact, it continues to be one of the most sought out cannabis strains in the nation 5 years after it's public release. A complex cross of Sour Dub x Chem's Sister...

Mango Glue Live Resin Diamonds by Sub-X

MANGO GLUE DIAMONDS BY SUB-X Mango Glue is here and full of fruity mango flavor. If you've had any of Sub-X concentrates in the past, you already know why they won three awards this year at the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. To be honest, we're not huge diamond...


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Cage Free Cannabis

100% of strain sales go towards resolving the long-term effects of cannabis prohibition.

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6 Best Music Venues In Seattle

There’s no shortage of places to catch live music, and they all provide a different experience

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Recipes: Morning Boost Beverages

With summer winding down and energy levels running low, an autumn pick-me-up is essential for dark mornings!


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CBD Capsules by Wildflower

Contain only two ingredients – 30 mg whole cannabis plant extract and organic hemp seed oil.

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How To: Roll a Joint

Pre-Rolls are convenient, but rolling your own and sharing it with a friend has a special feeling that’s hard to put into words.