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The Weed Lover’s Guide to Belltown Bloom

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Festival season is officially here, and it’s safe to say we’re all excited. 

But you know what’s not exciting? Coordinating camping arrangements with your friends, hauling a bunch of stuff out to the middle of nowhere, getting separated from your group with no cell service…..we could go on. 

That’s why we’re so stoked for Belltown Bloom at the Crocodile! A weekend jam-packed with awesome live music, without the sunburn and long drive…and you get to sleep in your own bed and shower at the end of each day? Yeah, we’re sold.

This year’s Bloom is an especially exciting one, because the acts are exclusively female and non-binary led.


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And since our Belltown location is just down the street, we figured we’d give you some pointers for what cannabis to pair with this unique experience….and still leave you some wiggle room to have a couple of drinks while you’re there.

Day 1: Friday, May 5th


The lineup for day 1 of Belltown Bloom, Friday May 5th


There are so many acts on Friday that would be perfect for something warm and whimsical. To name a few: lush, moody singer-songwriter Zella Day, the retro, captivating stylings of Prom Queen, and the playful, feel-good grooves of Pearl and the Oysters. 

But Seattle’s own Thunderpussy is sure to bring some fierce 70’s rock-inspired flavor to the evening, and Tacoma band Skating Polly’s eclectic fusion of riot grrl and indie is sure to inject a dose of energy to the lineup. And be ready to channel your inner patriarchy-smashing provocateur by the time legendary protest-punk group Pussy Riot takes the main stage.

Our Day 1 Recommendation

  • Start the evening by smoking something carefree and ethereal to bring out those goosebumps. Purple Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien by Secret Gardens, Gold Leaf Gardens’ Wedding x Koloa Cake, or our private label’s Blueberry are all good bets.
  • Keep a heady, energizing vape cartridge on you for the lively acts. Try Super Silver Haze by Treehaus, Constellation’s Pineapple Burst, or Flora D’Explora by Heylo. (Side note: Don’t get yourself or our friends at the Croc in trouble! Go outside to hit your vape.)

Day 2: Saturday, May 6th


The lineup for Belltown bloom day 2 on Saturday, May 6th


With face-melting punk icons L7 and the electricifying, riff-y Mannequin Pussy headlining this day, bookended by equally invigorating acts like Thelma & The Sleaze, Susu, and Spoon Benders, day 2 of Belltown Bloom demands something rousing.  

But not too rousing- you’ll still want to be able to vibe to the dreamy melodies of local darlings La Fonda, the emotive and gentle vocals of Ayleen Valentine, and the uplifting, atmospheric sound of Vicky Farewell.

Our Day 2 recommendation

  • Get a 2-pack of some buzzy sativa pre-rolls- one for before the doors open, one to keep your energy up later in the night. We like Diesel Thai by Falcanna, Amnesia by Trail Blazin, or Dutch Treat Haze by Washington Bud Company. And once again, make sure you step outside before you partake 🙂
  • Take a 1:1 edible before the show to get light, soothing body effects to immerse yourself in the feel of the melodic acts. You can’t go wrong with the Journeyman 1:1 Sour Fruit Jellies, Wyld 1:1 Pomegranate gummies, or Verdelux’s 1:1 Peanut Butter Meltaway truffles.

Will we see you at Belltown Bloom? 

We hope so! Make sure you grab your tickets soon- you don’t wanna miss this one! There are single day passes in addition to the 2-day GA passes available.


Veronica White

Veronica White

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