Indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation. All Based in Washington State

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Artizen Cannabis


The Artizen team developed a proprietary database in order to most efficiently grow and distribute their cannabis.

bacons buds natural cannabis

Bacon’s Buds

Soil-grown, family owned located in Washougal, Washington. with a focus on a natural approach to cannabis cultivation.

gold leaf gardens, lux pot shop


We constantly refine ourselves and encourage those around us. Green house grown in Sequim, WA. 

dutch blooms organic cannabis

Dutch Blooms

A regenerative farm producing green-house grown flower and highly effective RSO extracts. 

Strain Options from Elevate Cannabis

Experience Organics

Experience Organics was born under a vision of innovation in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Falcanna Flower


Bethany and Justin started as medical marijuana providers on the Olympic Peninsula. The same practices then, apply today.  

Fifty Fold Cannabis, lux pot shop

Fifty Fold

I am the sole owner & head grower and have been a cannasseur and passionate cultivator for the majority of my life

Fifty Fold Cannabis, lux pot shop

Fire Bros

Known for their award winning strain Ewok in 2013, Fire Bros produce unique cannabis strains with great flavors.

gold leaf gardens, lux pot shop

Gold Leaf Gardens

Sustainable Hawaiian farming brought to Washington. Always grown with aloha.

Herba Locktite Flower


inhale | exhale
Premium Cannabis always Pesticide Free. Skagit, WA

house of cultivar seattle

House of Cultivar

Grown and extracted in Seattle. A carefully selected variety of genetics start from tissue culture and thrive in a modern indoor facility. 

Kindness Cannabis Seattle,WA

Kindness Cannabis

Family owned and operated farm. Exclusive Kindness Strains grown in Colville,WA

Kush Family Genetics

Kush Family Originals

Certified OG Kush Cultivars. Stoner-Owned, grown by long time medical users.

Kush Brothers Cannabis flower


100% handcrafted, small-batch, soil grown cannabis. This is for all the cannabis connoisseurs looking for the finest smoke. 

Lifted Cannabis Co

Lifted Cannabis 

Our focus is all about quality and efficiency, providing high quality even and especially at the highest quantities.

Lifestyle Cannabis logo


Lifestyle Cannabis, What’s Yours? Responsibly grown in Goldbar,WA

Lifestyle Cannabis logo

LuvIT Farms

Organically green house grown cannabis in the Cammas Valley. Family owned and operated.

Millennium Green CBD Flower available at Lux Pot Shop

Millennium Green

We believe in a wholesome holistic approach to natural healing and organic growing. Clean Green certified, indoor farm. 

Mother Earth Farms Seattle,WA

Mother Earth Farms

Greenhouse grown with supplemental lighting. Specializing in genetics with high terpene content and effective highs. 

Pacific NW Roots Flower

Pacific NW Roots 

Ras Kaya Paul and the Rootz Krew. Known for Kaya’s Koffee, The Freeze, and more unique genetics. 

Skord Flower


Vast knowledge of the cannabis growing environment and elite genetics make Royal Tree flower hard to resist. 

Skord Flower


Saints was founded in the Georgetown/Seattle area by members of the Seattle Medical Cannabis community.

Solstice Cannabis


The first ever WA state approved cannabis production company and facility established in 2011.

Skord Flower


We are rooted in superior genetics collected from the best breeders in the world.

Tilted Cannabis


By Bellevue Cannabis Company. Unique SolFire Gardens genetics grown in a climate controlled environment. 

TJ's Organics flower jars

TJ’s Organics

Began growing cannabis with medical intentions for family members, and now have over 25 years of cultivation experience.

Top Shelf Premium Flower

Top Shelf 

Staple strains grown for quality with a fair price point to match. Glass packaging comes in the form of drinking cups intended to be re purposed. 

Trail Blazin

Trail Blazin’

One of the few 100% LED Grown Farms in Washington. Pesticide Free and hand-trimmed. 

WA Bud Co

Washington Bud Company

Clean, healthy cannabis grown for taste and effects. Be happy! 

Commonly referred to as the ‘bud’ of the plant, flower is what most people think of, when discussing cannabis. Different flowers vary in shape, size, color, density, flavor profile, and smell. It also is commonly referred to as weed, marijuana, dank, kind, and many other names. The bud is covered in tiny crystal-like glands called “trichomes”. The trichomes are where cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, and terpenes, such as Limonene and Linalool, are produced and stored.

Most people have heard of the cannabinoid THC, but there are at least 85 other known cannabinoids that help comprise the profile of the plant and its chemical effects; the flavor profile and aroma of a plant is determined by its terpenes. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified in cannabis plants. Ultimately, every strain’s terpene and cannabinoid profile is unique. Some of the most common terpenes are: Limonene, which has a citrus aroma often found in Haze strains; Linalool, producing a soft floral aroma often found in Lavender; and Myrcene, which releases an earthy citrus smell, like that of Skunk #1.