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Trail Blazin’ Productions is one of the few 100% LED operated farms in Washington, and has been consistently putting out some of the finest flower and bubble hash on the recreational market. The care put into every step of the process is clearly evident in the incredible quality of their products, and in the impactful change they are working towards in the cannabis community.

The TBP team has carved out their own niche in an already fledgling industry, as they’ve worked to refine the art of the perfect LED grow. Switching from a standard high-pressure sodium, flood and drain hydroponic system to an exclusively LED system was no easy feat. The lower yields normally associated with this type of lighting setup were daunting to Scott and Juddy, TBP’s Lead Grower and Co-owner, but with diligence and persistence their calculated risk proved to be a windfall.

From their lively, incredibly flavorful Grapefruit, to their potent and deliciously pungent Dutch-47, to their fantastic array of bubble hashes, the Trail Blazin’ Productions product line is as excellent as it is diverse. Learn more about the TBP strains we carry below and check out our online menu to view our current stock!

Grapefruit Cannabis grown at Trail Blazin' Productions

9# Hammer: These dense buds are coated in resin, offering sweet grape and lime flavors. True to its indica dominance, effects are heavy and long-lasting.

9# Hammer Cannabis grown at Trail Blazin'

Nightfire OG: Fire up your night with this earthy, spirited sativa dominant strain. A cross between Whitefire and White Nightmare this chipper strain is a super dank, crowd pleaser!

Nightfire OG Cannabis grown at Trail Blazin'

Dutch-47is an indica, sativa hybrid that smells fresh, vegetal, with a hint of diesel. A cross between Dutch No. 5 and AK-47 this one’s great for an evening toke!

Dutch-47 Cannabis grown at Trail Blazin'

Initially, the team had to fight an uphill battle. Traditional salt-based nutrients just weren’t working with the plants under LED lighting, decreased heat emissions altered the humidity in the grow rooms, and each strain reacted differently to the change in light source.

So, they re-vamped everything; Juddy designed ‘living’ and mobile soil beds, which are a unique eco-system all on their own. They redesigned the nutrient regimen and further tweaked their compounds based on the reaction from each strain. Then, they tested how different kinds of LEDs would affect each strain, and how they would react to varying UVA/UVB rays and bulb types.

Trail Blazin' grows cannabis with 100% LED Lighting

After some trial and error, they began to see the benefits coming back ten-fold. First and foremost their electricity usage dropped exponentially. Puget Sound Energy rated the facility and estimated the amount they were now saving on electricity usage could power “60 Bellingham homes for one year.” Their proprietary ‘living’ soil beds require less water and contribute to their overall savings, and their organic-based wastewater is treated in the Bellingham municipal facility to ensure nothing leeches into the surrounding groundwater.

Puget Sound Energy savings from Trail Blazin'

Beyond a personal commitment to environmental responsibility, the efforts of the Trail Blazin’ team have been recognized throughout the community. With the help of their Public Relations representative Danielle, Trail Blazin’ Productions has become a member of the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce and a respected member of the Bellingham business community.

For cannabis connoisseurs there are few better feelings than the scent of heavy, fragrant terpenes emanating from a freshly opened bag of flower. With Trail Blazin’ Productions, this is what you can expect with each purchase. Their buds are dense, fragrant, covered in trichomes and potent. What’s even better is that anyone who consumes it can feel assured that they are supporting a forward thinking, passionate and professional team, who are working to push the limits of the industry, everyday.