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CBD Flower


The raw, unaltered cannabis bud. The flower can be smoked, vaporized, or used to make your own CBD oil, tincure, or edibles.

CBD PreRoll Joints


A joint a day keeps the doc away? High CBD options available in Sativa and Indica strains. Full gram single joints and multi-packs.

CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Oil ready to vape in a 510, Pax Era, or Airo Pro vapor cartridge. Available in C02, live resin, and solventless options.

CBD Edibles Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

CBD Edibles & Drinks

Everything from CBD gummies to infused drinks. Sweet and sour, to savory and refreshing. Truffles, mints, baked goods, and more.

CBD Tinctures Lux Pot Shop Seattle, WA

CBD Tinctures

Some of our favorite CBD choices, available in avocado oil or water based blends. Each tincture is designed for a unique experience.

CBD Lotion & Topicals Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

CBD Lotions | Topicals

CBD Creams, lotions, balms, topicals, whatever you like to call it, we have great options. Apply it to those sore muscles and joints!

CBD Oil Lux Pot Shop Seattle, WA

CBD Oil Concentrates

We have CBD oils that can be either smoked, vaporized or ingested. Fairwinds F.E.C.O is a good example of a versatile RSO oil.

CBD Pills and Capsules Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

CBD Pills | Capsules

No frills or fillers here. Only pure cannabis CBD extract avaiable in an odorless, discrete capsule. 

(Lux) Pot Shop carries a wide variety of locally sourced CBD products. All of our products are cannabis derived and source the cleanest ingredients possible. From the pure cannabis flower to tinctures and edibles, we have a large variety to choose from. All of our CBD products contain a micro-serving of THC to optimize effects. CBD products work best in harmony with other cannabis chemicals known as cannabinoids. THC is a specific cannabinoid often associated with getting you high. In larger servings this can be true. However, in smaller servings THC is commonly used for health and wellness reasons. Let’s not forget why we legalized cannabis, many people experienced positive results from using the whole plant, not just one isolated chemical. If you have any questions, our staff are more than happy to explain everything you need to know to get started. We see people from all walks of life using wellness products to enrich their lives. When it comes to cannabis, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. That’s why we’re here! 

Frequently Ask Questions about CBD

What is full spectrum cbd?

The two primary types of CBD are Full-Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. Full-Spectrum CBD contains various cannabinoids in addition to just CBD. They are typically considered to be more effective than CBD Isolates, which have these other cannabinoids removed.

Where to buy cbd in Seattle?

Lux Pot Shop offers online ordering for CBD products for Pickup throughout Seattle. Locations in Ballard, Fremont, and Lake City with hundreds of CBD options to choose.

How much cbd to take?

When taking CBD for the first time, we recommend starting with half a single serving. Every CBD product we sell lists the serving amount on the packaging to ensure consistent results.

How to use cbd?

CBD products can be used in various ways such as eating edibles, vape oil, smoking CBD flower, taking capsules, and applying lotion to the skin.

What are cbd products?

CBD Products are ways to take CBD either through vapor, smoke, ingestion, or using a topical that’s absorbed by your skin.

Why is cbd so expensive?

CBD products are incredibly clean and natural. Our CBD suppliers in Washington State take extreme measures to filter out THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids so that you can get the purest CBD possible. Compared to other supplements, the cost of CBD per dose is very affordable.

How long does cbd take to work?

It depends how you take CBD. Inhaling CBD oil or vapor only takes a few minutes to feel the effects. Taking CBD tincture sublingually usually takes 20 minutes to take effect. Eating CBD edibles, gummies, or drinking soda can take longer (30-60 mins) to take effect. Topical CBD takes the longest, and usually peaks within 90 minutes.

What is the difference between cbd and thc?

CBD is typically known to produce a relaxing effect, while THC is often associated with the high that comes from consuming cannabis. Many products sold legally contain both some amounts of THC and CBD for the best results.