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Useful for muscle and joint relief as well as a pounding headache

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Green Revolution cbd products

Ceres Garden Dragon Balm

One of the most highly-requested cannabis topicals in Washington. Rich, creamy salves and convenient easy-to-apply sticks.

Fairwinds CBD tinctures


Washington’s leading cannabis wellness company. Winner of DOPE industry awards Best Tincture & Topical. Relief focused.

Green Revolution cbd products

Green Revolution

You are the sum of your experiences. Green Revolution makes quality and consistent products that drive your experiences.

Drift Sublingual


Inspire holistic wellness by designing and developing the best-performing CBD and cannabis products available.

CBD Topicals offer targeted relief to wherever applied. Some lotions are focused on the skin while others are designed for deep muscle tissue. Topicals typically work the best when applied regularly. Those who have never used THC or CBD products should use the product even without noticeable effects, as it can take weeks for the product to have an impact.