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Wildflower CBD in Seattle

Plants Heal

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Founded in Vancouver in 2012 by a small group of caring individuals focusing on wellness and incorporating cannabis into a healthy lifestyle. First, their products start with lots of research, and are constantly evolving with feedback from customers and industry professionals. Wildflower maximizes the benefits of cannabis by sourcing the highest quality cannabinoids and pairing it with the best synergistic ingredients.


Wildflower sources all of their CBD oil from hemp grown in Kentucky and Oregon. Only the highest quality whole hemp plants are selected and packed with essential amino acids and beneficial terpenes. Every product is third-party tested ensuring consistent results from batch to batch. Their THC oil is sourced from Plenus Farms in Grant County, WA and processed by Lilac labs. They do no use any pesticides in their grow facility. Clean cannabis is important as Wildflower offers a wellness approach to the plant.


Customer satisfaction is Wildflowers focus and we believe them too. Their products not only look great but work even better. Every product from their CBD capsules to topicals are designed to provide full relaxation without the THC high. You can confidently use Wildflower products on your loved ones knowing only good things are coming. Wildflower CBD wellness products are some of our favorite to get noticeable relief. Many customers and staff alike use it on a regular basis.


Our top selling product from them is their healing stick, a topical that you can apply without having to use your hands. We love to apply their CBD topical to a specific area and then stretch to allow the oils to absorb deep into the skin. Essential oils like arnica and wintergreen help fight stubborn pains and provide a cooling feeling on the area. For daily pains or part of your post workout recovery, it’s really nice having Wildflower products, plants heal!