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Isiah Sevenly Avatar
Isiah Sevenly
10/02/2021 - Google

Great staff and wonderful selection of premium cannabis. I also liked their selection of glassware.

Jameson Just Avatar
Jameson Just
9/16/2021 - Google

Friendly people in there! Love how clean the place is. Makes it easy to see what you’re looking at

Jake The Fake Jake Avatar
Jake The Fake Jake
9/04/2021 - Google

This place is great. Always have something new to try, and the budtenders have never steered me wrong. Seriously great service.

Thomas Genest Avatar
Thomas Genest
7/26/2021 - Google

Nice shop. Products are a bit expensive but the vibe is chill and the staff is knowledgeable. Part of your... read more

Scott Harrick Avatar
Scott Harrick
5/30/2021 - Google

Nice professional set up. Being a first timer Nick was very patient in helping us and educating us on our... read more

Jes Goeglein Avatar
Jes Goeglein
5/13/2021 - Google

Great service. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Excellent selection. The shop is set up to look very clean and classy.

Michelle Flowers Avatar
Michelle Flowers
5/11/2021 - Google

Great customer service. High quality products. This is my go-to store.

Scrubber Avatar
4/04/2021 - Google

Easy place to get to for me...staff are great...seems like a cool vibe...enjoy!

Justin Langlinais Avatar
Justin Langlinais
4/02/2021 - Google

My friend and I go out of our way to go to this shop. It's clean and the staff... read more

Toria Avatar
3/24/2021 - Google

The budtenders were friendly and patient. The guy who helped me LISTENED to what I wanted and then gave me... read more

Mitochondriach8 B Avatar
Mitochondriach8 B
3/22/2021 - Google

Really amazing people and great selection.

X Curry Avatar
X Curry
3/09/2021 - Google

Good green
Customer Service improving, rare discounts or sales
'Hey Jean Grey with me' 😉

Nina Baker Avatar
Nina Baker
2/22/2021 - Google

This was my second trip here. The staff are kind and knowledgeable and the product is top notch! Thank... read more

Eric Crawford Avatar
Eric Crawford
2/22/2021 - Google

I've had great experiences at Lux. David has helped me twice and is so empathetic, knowledgeable, and authentic. Psychologist meets... read more

Mary Wyninger Avatar
Mary Wyninger
1/07/2021 - Google

What a wonderful experience I had at Lux Pot Shop Ballard! David took a look at my online order and... read more

Timothy Hastings Avatar
Timothy Hastings
1/01/2021 - Google

Super knowledgeable staff

patrice bolds Avatar
patrice bolds
11/20/2020 - Google

Very high-class and clean

Claudette S Avatar
Claudette S
10/29/2020 - Google

Really great staff, super knowledgeable and helpful. Changed the quality of my life, I have learned so much. So grateful.

T Lee French Avatar
T Lee French
9/19/2020 - Google

Try them out their in Ballard great little place.

Ian Bugbee Avatar
Ian Bugbee
9/19/2020 - Google

Best shop, period.


“A hybrid of fun and function, (Lux) is a must-have in your dispensary arsenal. Those new to the game can trust the knowledge and experience of the staff to pair you with your next ‘favorite’. Those that know what they want will enjoy discussing and exploring new options to optimize and extend that ‘loving feeling’. Absolutely love this place!”
Lian (Leafly)

“This is seriously the best pot shop you’ll ever go to. Their staff is amazing and hands down some of the best weed on the west coast. 10 stars!”
K.Rah (Leafly)

“Great pot at a great price. If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in Ballard, it’s worth the trip. The people are awesome and super helpful. Not to mention the store is gorgeous. Hidden Gem, soon to take off.”
Hannah V. (Yelp)

“I can definitely recommend visiting this shop, whether you live in/near Ballard or not.”
Greg J (Leafly)

“My favorite spot for the recreational in Seattle. Multiple counters with the same display and lots of helpful staff on hand.”
Terry W. (Yelp)

“Gorgeous shop — incredibly clean and well designed space, with a friendly and knowledgable staff! Happy to have this as my new neighborhood shop.”
Rebecca (Kush Guide)

“I went into this location over the weekend and I had a great experience. The Budtenders were extremely helpful and friendly and had good knowledge about the products that they house on their shelves. I would recommend a visit to this little shop in Ballard and they are also opening a second location in Lake City soon.”
rmontaguem (Leafly)

“(Lux) Pot Shop is far and away my favorite recreational cannabis store that I’ve encountered in Washington. Top notch customer service, excellent selection of cannabis, and some of the lowest prices I’ve found. I can not recommend this store enough.”
seanzie121 (Leafly)

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Decent prices. I think I just found my new dealer!”
ElvisDonut (Leafly)

“Great customer service and amazing building. so much quality product and an easy to see menu to hold while you wait.”
Mjjones91 (Leafly)

“Nina was beyond helpful. I really appreciate her taking the time to help us. A++”

“The friendly girl who helped me took her time to see what exactly would be good options for me and it was good choices she made to recommend! Good bud, clean spot and friendly service!”
Heather D. (Yelp)

“This is my go to shop. They always have great recommendations and loads of cool products. Their menu is really well organized and makes all the strains and products easy to navigate (especially for a novice like myself). I look forward to my bi-weekly shopping visit here.”
RobotTCoco (Leafly)

“Love this place! Great staff, great selection, great weed! And close to the bus line.”
Zombishroom (Leafly)

“Love this place! I heart EVERY employee! So nice, so informed and so beautiful!”

“We accidentally stumbled upon this cannabis shop and totally forgot that In Seattle it’s legalized now. So we decided to stop by and grab some edibles. They don’t have candy like edibles due to kids can mistaken it for actual candy… Like gummy bears and suckers. So we settled the next best thing, candy but not in the fun candy look a like appearance. We got the peach hard candy and it definitely works. It’s 10mg per candy, we took half and it works. We saw many people came and go here… One thing is they only accept cash, which I think is the norm if it’s legal? Not sure, it’s not yet legal in California. But a great clean non shady place! I wish it were legal in CA!!”
Lisa W. (Yelp)

When legal weed became a thing in Washington, there were only a handful of shops that catered to the newly legalized business, and of course they were consistently slammed while smoothing over the operating kinks. As the thought of legal weed has settled in as part of the norm, more recreational shops have opened and prices have evened out in response demand. (Lux) is one of the shops that’s opened up in the past few months:located a half(ish) block north from Shelter in Ballard, the shops layout could be pulled from a high end Ikea catalogue. The space is quite minimalist, and I’ll admit I really admired the wood shelving behind the counter stores most of their stock (that I could at least see); the frosted windows bring in enough natural light but still allowing a decent amount of privacy for those inside shopping. There is a small strip directly in front in which to park, but getting in can get a little tight if the first couple spots are filled. But- it’s still a nice touch, especially in Ballard.

I’ll be honest and admit most of the names individual marijuana strains have make zero sense to me, so when I asked the gal behind the counter for a couple of pre rolled joints, she picked out a couple for me. The gal who picked out my joints and rang me up was very nice, and didn’t give me any grief for not knowing what to pick. I also liked that I was immediately greeted when I walked in, but allowed to use the ATM before being asked what I wanted.
Alice C. (Yelp)

Excellent recommendations from the knowledgable staff who served me, including taste and effects of different and had some from different price ranges. Basic Spartan modern bud bar.
gunrevive (Leafly)

Very clean store that is in own building which is nice. The parking it a little tricky but I went early in the day and it was no issue. Would absolutely go here again. The budtenders were very friendly and informative. The products were great quality as well.
PositiveSmash (Leafly)

Best rec shop I have ever been to! Store looks super classy and clean, staff is really friendly and very knowledgable. Amazing selection of flowers, edibles, concentrates, glass and more! Awesome prices for high quality products with an eloquently detailed menu. Easily accessible from Lake City Way, with plenty of room to park. Cannot find another shop that even comes close!
LucyGustav (Leafly)

Amazing aesthetic. More than just a cannabis shop, selection is unrivaled. Prices are extremely reasonable, taxes included on their AMAZING and easy to read menu. The Gold Leaf selection here is incredible.
mjjones91 (Leafly)

Nice decent size parking lot. Informative staff and a LARGE selection to browse through. Fair prices and awesome looking (haven’t tried yet) top shelf buds! I would highly (pun intended) recommend giving (Lux) a try!
James (Yelp)

This place is awesome! Brand new inside, and stocked full with goodies! Everything from pre-rolls, edibles, flowers, beverages and oils. The selections are endless and the staff is knowledgeable and spectacularly helpful. The can help you with anything you are looking for, or make recommendations if you need. The extended menu goes on and on, but the staff at (Lux) will help you navigate.
Tricia P.(Yelp)


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