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Lake City has a long rich history and is considered one of the last frontiers of the Seattle area, yet to be inundated with condos and apartment complexes as much of the Greater Seattle area has been in the last decade. Lake City remains a neighborhood of streets lined with small businesses, car dealerships, strip malls and local eateries. Surprisingly, the features of Lake City do not look all that different than they did in the early 1900s – all of these de-centralized features remain an absolutely integral part of the Lake City identity.

A bit more digging shows that following the establishment of drivable roads between downtown Seattle and Lake City around 1910, the neighborhood was just far enough away from city officials and the Seattle Police Headquarters to become a safe haven for some of the city’s most historical speak easies and bootlegging institutions. The Jolly Roger, for example, had a sailing mast with a lookout perch atop it to alert staff, patrons, and surrounding speakeasies of approaching police officers. Following the dismantling of prohibition, many of these locations thrived and became some of the most sought after libation sites in the greater Seattle area.

Lake City as a whole was often thought to be a place lacking a true, neighborhood center. But as mentioned, their iconic streets filled with successful local establishments ran by hardworking people, became what they were most known for and prove to be the core value of the neighborhood. Now that Lake City is currently in its second go-round of prohibition dismantlement, it’s only fitting that Cannabis shops are popping up in many places throughout the neighborhood. We are pleased to be located on what has affectionately been dubbed ‘Pot Row’ and look forward to working with and supporting the young and vibrant cannabis community, as well as the general neighborhood.

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