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Live Resin, Solventless, Co2, and Distillate hash oil options

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Airo Pro Advanced Vapor System Seattle,WA


Airo Vape here. 3x the vapor. CO2, Distillate, and Live Flower options from Harmony Farms.

Airo Pro Advanced Vapor System Seattle,WA

Alive & Well

From a local Seattle skate shop, to a 100% live resin vape cart featuring unique strains.

Avitas Grown C02 Vape Cartridges Lux Pot Shop Seattle, WA

Avitas Grown 

A producer/processor with a goal to provide consistently enjoyable C02 oil in pre-filled vape and Pax Era pod.

Buddies Liquid Diamonds Vape Cartridges Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA


Liquid Diamonds live resin cartridges and extracts available in Pax Pods, 510, and all-in-one vape pens.

Canna Organix HTE Vape Carts Seattle,WA

Canna Organix

HTE & HCE live resin carts. Green house, organic soil grown flower. Everything extracted in their own facility to ensure quality. 

Constellation Infused Pre Rolls Seattle,WA

Constellation Cannabis

All constellation pre rolls are infused with ice water hash for a solvent free smoke. 

Crystal Clear Vape Seattle,WA

Crystal Clear

Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ distillate and live resin vapes in cartridge or disposable form.

Fairwinds CBD to THC Ratio Cannabis Vape Cartridges


Washington’s leading cannabis wellness company. CBD Ratio vape cartridges for a range of desirable effects. 

Fairwinds CBD to THC Ratio Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Full Spec

Single-source live resin cartridges produced in-house from start to glorious finish.

Harmony Farms C02 and High Terp Vape Carts

Harmony Farms

As both company and people we promote a future filled with harmony.

Heylo Cannabis C02 vape cartridges Seattle,WA

Heylo Cannabis

Transparency and education.All oil from the Heylo Lab starts with the highest-quality flower. Full spectrum, clean flower, C02 oil. 

Heylo Cannabis C02 vape cartridges Seattle,WA

Lifted Cannabis Co.

This producer/processor out of Tacoma is known for their heavy hitting effects, unique flavors, and clean grow methods.

MFused Vape Carts Seattle,WA


A range of full spectrum C02 & distillate vape cartridges sourced from all over WA. 

MFused Vape Carts Seattle,WA


Super Fruity flavored distillate in a strong and disposable vape. Looks like the Elf Bar, but weed!

Pacific Northwest Roots Cannabis and Solventless Hash Oil

Pacific NW Roots

Ras Kaya Paul bringing Kaya’s Kofee, The Freeze and other cultivars in fresh frozen hash rosin and vape cartridges. 

Harmony Farms C02 and High Terp Vape Carts

Solr Bear

Flower is grown in the sun, then hash is extracted with ice, water, and pressure. Hash rosin cartridges and more.

We have a wide selection of vapor options to choose from. Half and full gram sizes, standard 510 thread vape carts, Pax Era and Airo Pro vapes. We carry distillate, Co2, live resin, HTE, (high terpene extract) and solventless hash rosin vape carts. High CBD, THC, or various blends of CBD to THC ratios available.  All of the vape cartridges we carry are strain specific and pure cannabis. The color and viscosity of the oil will depend on the extraction method rather than define the quality of the product. Some of our favorite hash oil has an orange amber hue which typically has a wider cannabinoid and terpene spectrum than clear extracts.

We also carry batteries such as the Pulse by Vuber. This battery features a lifetime warranty and takes the standard 510 thread vape cart to another level of performance. As you take a hit, the oil gets increasingly hot in the cartridge. The Pulse is unique in that while you inhale, the battery automatically reduces its power ensuring a smooth pull. No more harsh hits and nasty flavor. With a LED screen that shows you battery life and power voltage used, it’s a reliable battery we’ve enjoyed using. Throw on a lifetime warranty and you should be set to vape for a while.

Frequently Ask Questions about Vape Cartridges 

How does a vape cartridge work?

When you purchase a vape cartridge at our shop, it will come pre-filled with oil. Every vape cartridge contains a heating element inside the design to vaporize the hash oil. All you need to do is use a compatible battery to power it up!

What type of battery do I need?

While most cartridges we carry will work with a standard vape battery, (510 threading) there are two that require a proprietary setup. Airo Pro with an Airo Battery & Pax Pods with a Pax Era. We recommend the Vuber Pulse battery as it is compatible with all standard cartridges & compatible with Airo Pro carts (with adapter sold separate).

How do I use my vape battery?

If your battery has a button on it, rapidly press 5 times to turn it on and off. If you see a glowing light around the button when you press down, it’s time to attach your cartridge. Gently screw on the cartridge snug to avoid over-tightening. Hold down the button on the battery and slowly inhale. If you want to change the heat temperature, rapidly press the button three times. Typically there is a high (red button color) medium (blue) and low (red) setting. We suggest starting on medium or low.

What are the different types of vape cartridges?

We carry vape cartridges with all types of cannabis extraction methods. The most popular are live resin, (BHO/PHO) C02, distillate, or solventless hash oil. We carry C-Cell, AVD, Airo Pro, and Pax Pod style vape cartridges.

I’m hitting my vape pen but no vapor is coming out?

While vape cartridges continue to become a lot more reliable, there is a slim chance you’ll get a dud every once in a while. We suggest testing your vape setup before getting hundreds of miles from the shop. Don’t stress though, this is why we offer 14 day returns on vape cartridges! Just remember to bring in the packaging and receipt so we can issue you a new one.