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Airo Pro’s advanced vapor system upgrades your cannabis vape cartridge experience. No buttons or complicated heats settings, simply drop your magnetized cartridge into the Airo Pro battery and inhale. One of the biggest surprises to first time users is the amount of vapor you exhale. Even a calm, slow inhale will produce a nice tasty cloud. This is due to the batteries advanced technology that vibrates upon inhale. This movement helps produce the thicker vapor everyone falls in love with. Those who enjoy a one-hit-quit effect from flower, will enjoy the impact this vape can make.  

All of the oil used in Airo Pro pre-filled cartridges is 100% cannabis derived. With CO2, Distillate, and High Terpene Extract options, you have plenty of concentrate choices. Everything Airo makes in Washington is sourced from Harmony Farms which we support for their natural organic approach to growing quality cannabis. With half and full gram cartridge options, every oil produced is strain specific and contains a wide cannabinoid spectrum. This is important to get the most desirable effects which can easily get lost in cannabis extracts. Harmony has found a great balance of filtering out the unwanted plant matter while keeping the complex high and flavor profile present in their cartridges. 

For those that don’t have time to play around and want big clouds, this is for you! Those that don’t need big hits still enjoy Airo Pro’s battery for the sleek and discrete design. We’re excited to see how Airo Pro continues to innovate vape production for the cannabis industry.