product sizes for solace and muscle melt cannabis topical

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The Fairwinds vision is “to empower the health and wellness of society by integrating the world’s most effective cannabis and herbal remedies into daily life.” The difference begins with their literature: The Anandakanda (“The Root of Bliss”), and Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing. These texts from India and China describe in detail various herbs, remedies for maladies, and cannabis cultivation. Fairwinds fuses ancient life science wisdom with modern engineering to create effective cannabis products on the market. The flower first undergoes a low temperature extraction process before being placed in a vacuum oven to then purge any remaining solvent. This precise process caters to the delicate terpenes and ensures consistency between the batches. Fairwinds sends the final product off for testing to ensure Department of Health compliance. The last crucial step is to infuse the botanical blends and create a homogenized product that won’t separate over time. If you want a wellness-focused product that is effective, consistent, and easy to use, then look no further than Fairwinds.
product sizes for solace and muscle melt cannabis topical

Full. Extract. Cannabis. Oil.

Intended for oral or topical use only! The 10:1 CBD to THC ratio provides a balanced cannabis effect via equal parts of THC and CBD. The flavonoid rich oil is blended with a clinical terpene blend to provide an optimal experience. Utilizing an innovative multi-phase extraction process, our laboratory has created a comprehensive whole-plant blend setting a new standard for cannabis concentrates. This ground-breaking production process captures a rich profile of essential cannabinoids, terpenes and organic compounds normally left out in typical RSO. Read our full review on Fairwinds full extract cannabis oil (FECO) here

product sizes for solace and muscle melt cannabis topical


Sriracha Tincture

Yes, this is the same Sriracha you use for that bland chicken breast. 100mg of THC in a tincture with 25 servings. Even hotter than the original hot sauce, this tincture measures 6,000 units on the Scoville chart. Below is a video on how to infuse it into a delicious homemade salsa!

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep combines the power of herbal remedies and terpene rich cannabis in an avocado base to produce an experience that is soothing and feels natural. Designed for those seeking a good nights rest without the lingering grogginess that can come from cannabis sleep aids. The unique ratio of THC:CBD lasts less than 8 hours and prevents any cloudiness.

Relief Series

Fairwinds designed their Relief tinctures to address a broad spectrum of needs. They blend cold pressed avocado oil, herbal remedies, and terpenes with 270mg CBD + 20mg THCA + 10mg THC. This micro dose of THC (0.37mg per serving) works in coordination with the other cannabis compounds to enhance the experience, yet still allowing for a clear mind and functionality. The AM formula is designed to be an upbeat sativa effect to jumpstart your day or help you push through that mid-day hump.

Flow CBD cream or gel from Fairwinds Cannabis


Flow is a bestselling cannabis topical by esteemed cannabis-based wellness solution producer Fairwinds. This new cream formula contains a state-of-the-art blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, herbs, and utilizes Fairwinds’ signature Canna-Vera extract. Skincare addicts, rejoice: it also contains hylauronic acid and ceramides to make it not just a cannabis-based pain management product, but a skincare product as well. The deep-penetrating formula and luxurious, creamy texture of this topical will make it your new go-to.