FECO is by far my favorite product from Fairwinds Cannabis. I appreciate the trusty, consistent dosage of the clicker, which helps me remember a consistent serving to take, unlike many other products. Having 1000mg in a pen that fits in your pocket is great for on the go use. Each click dispenses 25mg for a total of 40 servings. The flavor and the consistency can be a turn off for a lot of folks – it is a little viscous and thick, with a strong cannabis flavor/aroma. I personally don’t mind it, but I have also had great luck disguising it in a flavored hot tea. I find it dissolves well into hot liquid, but also taking it with orange juice can mask the intensity of flavor.

The high is unrivaled. Having tried each ratio, the one to one is my favorite. It provides a carefree effect I struggle to attain as a high anxiety person. The THC and CBD work well together to alleviate any intrusive or nervous thoughts I may have, while still keeping me feeling focused and centered.


This is a great product for a variety of purposes in my opinion, but I think it would also be well-suited for yoga practice or another mind-centering, body relaxing practice. I have used it for that as well as soothing every day stress. It is an especially nice product to use before a hectic or big event where you may still want to feel clear headed and functional. I also find the effects to last longer than an average edible. FECO kicks in for me usually within a half an hour, and I’ve felt effects upwards several hours later than I normally find edibles to last me. -Grace

*Limited Supply Available at Both Seattle Locations