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They say variety is the spice of life….but when it comes to psychoactive substances like weed, there IS such a thing as too much spice.

Variety of strains = good. Variety of flavors = good. Variety in pricing, potency or quality, though? Not so much.

That’s why loyal customers all over Washington request Crystal Clear products, time and time again. With distillate and live resin vapes, 510-thread cartridges and disposables, Crystal Clear strikes the perfect balance of choice and cohesion.

High Potency. Steadfast Quality Control. Great Price.

The main name of the Crystal Clear game? Ensure a consistent experience.

That means creating each product with a high degree of quality control at every step in the entire process. Crystal Clear formulates both their signature distillate and their newer live resin options without tars and resins.

They’ve been constantly expanding since they hit the scene. But their appeal still remains unchanged. Crystal Clear delivers a great high at a great price, just like they always have.

A 3.5g jar of Hyphy by Torus.

Proprietary Blends of Distillate

Most people know Crystal Clear for their namesake product, their crystal clear distillate.

Some distillate lacks that “special something” that makes a strain distinct. But not Crystal Clear!

Their proprietary blend replicates a flower’s terpene profile to create an experience that matches the expectation.

After all, weed wouldn’t be fun if there were NO differences. They just need to be the differences you want.

Live Resin from Fresh Frozen Flower

Crystal Clear’s distillate was already a fan favorite. But they didn’t stop there.

Everything Crystal Clear products delivered already (potency, fair prices, consistency), they took a step further with their live resin.

We’re talking premium, fresh frozen flower, extracted at sub-zero temperatures. And with the same power and reliability of their flagship product, it’s safe to say their live resin line is giving their distillate a run for its money.

All in all though, one thing remains clear (sorry, we had to). If you don’t like your THC with a side of trial and error, Crystal Clear is the brand for you.

A 2-pack of Torus Ice Cream Cake prerolls.

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