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If you enjoy going down rabbit holes, the world of cannabis concentrates is a doozy.

The wealth of extraction methods, proprietary processes, and the rapid development of this market space is endlessly fascinating, and worth a deep dive or two.

But as fascinating as it all is, when you’re just trying to find a product that can improve your day-to-day life, the concentrate realm can be pretty heady (no pun intended… we swear.)

Thank goodness there’s a concentrate company in the cannabis industry that understands the elegance of simplicity: Solr Bear Solventless.

Founded in 2021 by a group of folks who aim to preserve and embody Washington’s rich legacy of natural beauty and small-batch craftsmanship, Solr Bear is devoted to keeping things straightforward.

Solr Bear rosin and its sleek white packaging sit on rich green moss.


It all starts with sun-kissed, pesticide free flower….chilled.

Some concentrate companies get by on creating a witch’s brew from leftover batches of flower, rendering the included strains’ aroma, flavor and effects indiscernible.

But not Solr Bear.

They craft each product from single-source, pesticide-free base material, nurtured by the sun, and flash-frozen after harvest to preserve its delicate composition.

From there, it’s bath time. The sungrown flower is rinsed in an ice water bath to agitate their cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes.

Then, they collect these trichomes via a multi-micron screening process. Sounds complex, we know. But it’s pretty similar to using a sieve, just on a much smaller scale.

And finally, the coupe de grace: pressure. After some squeezing and squashing, their concentrates are primed for your consumption and enjoyment, transforming into badder, full-melt, or vapor oil.

No CO2 or Butane. No corrective treatments. Just fresh-pressed, sun-splashed goodness, every time.


A close-up shot of Solr Bear rosin, sitting on a large palm leaf.


Solr Bear Live Rosin: Best served cold

Solr Bear’s process may be simple, but it doesn’t mean their products are unsophisticated.

From the moment you see their Live Rosin in its chic white keepsake packaging, you know: this isn’t your average dab.

And Solr Bear isn’t in the business of putting lipstick on pigs. The luxury of Solr Bear lies not just in their packaging, but in the artistry of their process.

Enjoy their whipped, saucy, terpene-rich Live Rosin in your favorite dab rig or e-rig at a low temperature, and taste the difference.

With crowd-pleasing strains to choose from like Purple Punch and Tropicana Cookies, you won’t just be dabbing. You’ll be indulging in a gastronomic experience.

And don’t forget to store cold. Terpenes this fresh demand special care.


An overhead shot of solar bear rosin sitting on its packaging


Live Rosin cartridges: Dab rig smoothness on-the-go

Maybe you’re not a dabber.

If you’re not, that’s okay! You can enjoy Solr Bear’s signature Live Rosin in a convenient vapor cartridge. It’s the same refined experience, made for travel.

Just a warning, though: these may ruin all other cartridges for you. Once you switch to a solventless cartridge, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner!

Our budtenders even say, “They’re the closest you can get to smoking flower in cartridge form.”

Just like Solr Bear’s dabs, you’ll best enjoy these delightful vapes at a low temperature. So for optimal results, turn down that heat setting on your battery.

A Solr Bear rosin cartridge and its packaging laid on an aqua background


End your search for Solr Bear products with us!

Check the menu for your nearest location below, or stop by and Lux Pot Shop location and browse in person.