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Strawberry Kush Hash Rosin from Pacific NW Roots at Lux Pot Shop Seattle
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Pacific NW Roots in Seattle

Ras Kaya Paul & The Rootz Krew known for Kaya’s Koffee,  The Freeze and more.

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Pacific NW Roots started in Washington and remains one of the most desired breeders in the state. Ras Kaya Paul is most known for his Kaya’s Koffee and The Freeze. The unique flavors and irie feeling is why many seek out his gear. Up until now, you had to know someone growing Pacific NW Roots gear or buy seeds online yourself.

As we enter 2020, more and more growers that were pushed out when medical ended, are back! With their patients over profits mentality and strong understanding of cannabis, the future in looking healthy in Washington! Now more than ever can you support growers who’ve risked their freedoms so you can enjoy the best herb possible.


Last summer Kaya and his friends starting producing pesticide free, sun-grown flower with his genetics and other Northwest classics. Sun-grown flower is known for it’s complex flavor and wide cannabinoid spectrum. While this flower might not look as frosty as indoor, the effects are usually broader. This is why Kaya takes the time to grow flower outside, it gets processed into some of the finest rosin and bubble hash in the state. Pacific NW Roots is about quality over everything. It’s definitely not cheap hash. Great things take time, love, and lots of effort. Those who’ve supported the brand understand no compromises have been made to the finished product.

When it comes to Pacific NW Roots products, you are getting what Ras Kaya Paul wants to smoke personally. We find that companies with a long history of cannabis much before it was legal have the best products today. Their hard work has now paid off and we’re excited to share Pacific NW Roots unique flower and solventless hash oil with you!