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Canna Organix tier 3 green house producer/processor based out of Sequim, Washington. Because of their unique desert-like location, they can cultivate outdoor cannabis without the use of chemical pesticides. Cooler summers and warmer winters provide an excellent climate all year round. Natural sunshine is the main light source, and supplemental lighting is only used on the grey days. Utilizing the land, Canna Organix has been able to keep their costs down providing quality grown flower at a great value.

Known for their delicious selection of strains such as Forbidden Fruit, Creme Rose, Zkittlez, and Their Gelato 41. Everything is grown in their home-made super soil, an organic mix providing a healthy start from the seeds beginnings.

Also known for their concentrates, Canna Organix processes their freshly harvested flower into live resin, diamonds, and high terpene extracts. They are available in vape cartridges and dabs providing some of the tastiest options for the price in our shop! Cartridges can be hit or miss for sure, they wanted to make sure these would be enjoyed by the same customers buying their flower or dabs. Their HTE vape cartridges definitely made us believers as you can feel the effects actually get you high for a while, rather than a quick buzz from the usual distillate options.

All around a great company, Canna Organix continues to strive for the best green house grow available in Washington!