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There’s an old saying: “When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one”.

And that adage is certainly true in the world of cannabis. The industry is cutthroat, and far too many companies try to appeal to every consumer. Instead of improving their core products and catering to their ideal customer, they create new product after new product, hoping one of them will catch on.

What happens then? Instead of having a little something for everyone, they have a little something for…well…no one. In their departure from understanding who their customers are, the folks that would’ve been loyal fans end up feeling abandoned, and move on.

There’s another familiar phrase that applies here, though: “The exception proves the rule.”

In the vapor realm, Mfused is that exception.

A true unicorn among all the seemingly infinite options for vapers, Mfused keeps the true spirit of cannabis alive. And what’s more in the true spirit of cannabis than the acknowledgement that no two consumers experience it in the same way?

No matter your budget, your strain preferences, your vaping habits, your standards for quality, or your reasons behind your cannabis use, Mfused gets you.

Three Mfused cartridges in full color, set against an abstract black and white background.


Passionate innovators and cannabis culture pioneers: the Mfused story

The saga of Mfused begins in 2009, when several pioneers of cannabis extraction came together with the goal of bringing the therapeutic power of the plant to the masses.

They didn’t come into the adult-use market with grand plans of getting rich quick. Mfused got their start by creating high CBD extracts for medical patients.

There was no blueprint that extraction companies could follow back then. They had to create their own, and create they did. Their innovative practices are now the industry standard for extraction companies the world over.

The same care and innovative quality improvement that earned them the trust of medical patients all over Washington is still alive today.

With more than a decade of extraction experience, Mfused is now the largest minority-owned cannabis producer in the state and the premier source for affordable, high-quality vape cartridges and disposable vapes.

A black and white portrait of a hand holding a full-color Mfused vape battery topped with an Mfused cartridge.


Strain-specific Distillate: Superior flavor profile, immediate peak high

Mfused has added quite a few products that span the vast spectrum of cannabis preferences to their line since those medical days. But their strain-specific distillate will always be their pride and joy.

Make no mistake: this flagship product isn’t your average distillate.

Another company might add artificial terpenes to their distillate to cut costs. Mfused, on the other hand, uses a custom formulation of 100% cannabis-derived terpenes.

The result? A powerful vapor oil with superior taste and full-spectrum effects you feel instantly.

And the best part? They make this medical-grade, high-potency extract accessible to all. Mfused cartridges and disposables are among the most affordable on the market, despite being free of additives and adulterants.

Three Mfused cartridges in full color, set against an abstract black and white background.


Techniq by Mfused: Top-shelf toking on-the-go

Weed snobs, don’t fret- Mfused didn’t forget about you! Their Techniq line makes it more convenient to experience the best of Washington cannabis than ever before.

These premium cartridges embody the therapeutic power and incredible quality that make Mfused a Washingotn favorite, but that’s not all. Teqniq features some of the most sought-after strains in the I502 market.

By collaborating with highly regarded growers for their base material (Tranquil Forest, Royal Tree Gardens, and Sky High Gardens, to name a few) Mfused encapsulates the distinct plant profile of beloved flower strains in a travel-friendly format.

Their high-grade origins, the proprietary extraction processes used to create them, and their exclusive hardware make these cartridges a cut above the rest. Techniq vape cartridges will open your eyes to what’s possible when you bring together the greatest minds in cannabis.

2 examples of the packaging for cartridges in Mfused's Teqniq line.

Experience the true spirit of cannabis

From their roots as medical pioneers leading extraction research to their current status as pillars of the adult-use market, Mfused makes cannabis products that improve the everyday lives of consumers from all social strata.

The free-thinking spirit that first led you to your love of cannabis? It’s right at your fingertips.

Choose Mfused, and experience the difference for yourself.


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