Many vaporizers are made for one time use, however many are created for repeated use through refilling. For those that can be refilled, a little bit of assembly is required. If you are just getting familiar with vaporizer pens, we suggest starting off with a disposable pen and graduating to the reusable pens/cartridges, once you’ve established that this is your preferred method to consume cannabis.

  1. Hold the Vaporizer Pen upright. Remove the mouthpiece and set aside.
  2. Remove the oil cartridge and unscrew the cap on top.
  3. Take the oil that you just purchased at Lux and carefully fill up the cartridge to the fill-line indicator.
  4. Screw the cap back on to the cartridge.
  5. Return the cartridge to the pen and screw the mouthpiece back on.
  6. Vaporizer pens typically hit best when held vertically. Some vaporizers just require you to inhale, while others require that you press a button.
  7. Use the indicator lights to understand when to start and stop inhaling.
  8. If you are in need of a demonstration from our staff, please ask and we can simulate a demonstration for you.