Edibles come in varying shapes, sizes and degrees of potency. At Lux we carry everything from cookies to sodas and dried fruit chews to trail mix. All edibles sold at Lux have dosage information and directions on them unique to the product.

Be sure to review this information prior to ingesting your purchase.

  1. Read label carefully. Ensure that you are at a place that you can stay comfortably and safely for the immediate future, as the effects will impair you from operating a motor vehicle.
  2. We recommend novice users to begin with 5mg of THC while others can take a full 10mg dose. Ingest the edible.
  3. The effects can take 30 minutes or longer to kick in depending on several variables unique to each person. As a general rule of thumb, 30 minutes is the standard before the effects become noticeable.
  4. Do not ingest or inhale any other cannabis product in the 30 minute wait period, or before you begin to feel the affects.
  5. Once you begin to feel the effects, enjoy the ride! Depending on your product the effects could last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.