A range of Micro Bar disposable vapes in a variety of flavors.

Micro Bar Disposable Vapes in Seattle

A whole lotta sweetness in a small, convenient package

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Remember when vape pens first hit the scene, before everyone and their grandma had one? Back then, everyone in the Target parking lot or the alley behind your work assumed you were taking a big old rip from a nicotine vape.

Those were the days.

And then, like most well-kept secrets, vape pens started to get popular.

Don’t get us wrong, the explosion of the vapor space was a great step forward for normalizing cannabis.

But for you, a cannabis user who values discretion? Not so great. The jig was up. Now, any adult, cannabis consumer or not, can clock the difference between a THC vape and their vape shop cousins from a mile away.

Unless that THC vape happens to be a Micro Bar, that is.

Pocket-sized, sleek, and with a striking resemblance to a very popular nicotine vape that we won’t name here, Micro Bar disposable vapes bring some much-needed plausible deniability back to the vape scene.

A Peach Ringz Micro Bar, surrounded by illustrations of peaches and a snake of vapor.

Low-key look. High-key delightful.

Unlike the battery and cartridge setup that’s recognizable the world over, Micro Bar disposable vapes pack all the punch of a traditional vape pen in one convenient, aesthetically-pleasing device.

Looking for soothing body effects? Their Strawberry Fields disposable vape will get you nothing short of deeply relaxed, with a delectable berry flavor to boot. And nothing is better than catching the sunset with their Mango Sunset by your side.

Or maybe you’re going for a clear-headed daytime vibe. If you could use some cheerful energy to lift your spirits, look no further than Micro Bar’s Orange Crush disposable vape. This sweet, citrusy gem pairs perfectly with a rare sunny Seattle day. Or try out their Lemon Headz, a mouth-puckering sativa that’s been known to bring on a serious case of the giggles.

And for all you “Why not both?” folks, don’t worry! Micro Bar didn’t forget about you. There are plenty of true hybrids in their repertoire: Watermelon Mimosa, Pink Lychee, and Peach Ringz, to name a couple. Not only do these bad boys strike that perfect balance between effects on both sides of the spectrum, they also taste as good as they sound.

Whichever Micro Bar variety strikes your fancy, expect a delightfully positive experience.

A Lemon Headz Micro Bar, surrounded by lemons and a splash of juice on a royal blue background.

Nobody keeps you prepared for life like Micro Bar!

We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time. And whether that’s in the form of rejuvenating mental effects or blanketing body effects, Micro Bar understands that your cannabis consumption is your business.

Don’t let the traditional vapes blow up your spot! Micro Bar disposables have everything you’d want from a classic vape pen without being a classic vape pen. With highs for everything life throws at you and sweet, fruity flavors to wash them down, Micro Bar is the obvious choice for the discerning consumer.

A Watermelon Mimosa Micro Bar, floating among chunks of watermelon and full melons.


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