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Full Spec Cartridges in Seattle

Extracted at ultra-low temperatures from flash-frozen flower

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Single-Source Live Resin Cartridges

“Greatness can be captured in one word: lifestyle.” These are the words of Mae C. Jemison, esteemed engineer and astronaut.

And if you’re a die-hard vape cartridge user, you can surely relate.

You’ve got things to do. Places to be. People to see. Deadlines to meet. When you want to indulge, you don’t need to take a leisurely sabbatical- you need something that gets the job done.

Of course, you also want something effective. You didn’t get where you are without understanding the value in working smarter, not harder.

So the next time you take time out of your busy schedule to buy a vape cartridge, make it one from Full Spec.

Opting for a Full Spec cart guarantees the superior high and harmony of mind and body you’re looking for…in record time. Created with spacecraft precision, these single-source live resin vape cartridges compliment your hustle, from hit to glorious-tasting hit.

After all, you don’t do anything half-baked. Why should your vape products be any different?

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From Soil to Oil: The Full Spec Process

The life cycle of each Full Spec Cartridge starts in the same building it eventually leaves, packaged and primed for your enjoyment. Rather than relying on outside help for their base material, the people behind Full Spec prefer to grow their own in-house.

This isn’t the easier way to produce vapor products…but it’s certainly the better way. With less cooks in the kitchen, they can ensure the quality is up to their (and your) standards at every point in their process. They pick their genetics by hand for maximum terpene output, and grow in soil to nurture each strain’s unique traits.

Then, they flash freeze the plants immediately after harvest; hence, the “live” in live resin. From there, they extract Full Spec’s pristine oil using the lowest temperatures possible. Preventing heat exposure locks in the wide range of delicate compounds that would be otherwise lost.

All so people like you across Washington State can enjoy a superior high, time and time again.

A 3.5g jar of Hyphy by Torus.

A Full Spectrum of Choices

We’ve already touched on the fact that Full Spec picks their strain lineup for maximum terpene output. But are those strains crowd pleasers?

You bet your sweet grass, they are!

There’s Candy Apple, a fruity phenom with a pleasant body buzz and a focused, engaging head high.

Full Spec Lavender Trainwreck is also a fave. A hybrid in the truest sense of the word, this gassy gal is full of gentle but stimulating uplift.

And then, there are the classics: Nine Pound Hammer, for starters. Indica through and through, Nine Pound Hammer is grapey, relaxing, and totally laid-back.

Whichever side of the spectrum you rock with, one thing is for sure: if it’s a Full Spec cart, it’s going to be a superb representation of its lineage.

A 2-pack of Torus Ice Cream Cake prerolls.

Respect the Spec

Full Spec is more than “just another concentrate company”. From their process to their products, this Washington original has dimension.

Ready to try it for yourself? Go ahead….blast off.


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