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Avitas Grown is a producer/processor with a goal to provide consistently enjoyable C02 oil in pre-filled vape cartridges and Pax Era pods. What started as a small family business has turned into a multi-state company located in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado with a loyal following.

Change can be tough. In this new recreational cannabis market, almost everything is ever-changing. With that said, there are some companies striving to deliver a consistently desirable product. Avitas has proven to be one of the few companies year after year that people still choose to buy.

One of our favorite things about Avitas is their clean growing practices from soil to oil. We believe soil grown cannabis has the best high and robust flavor. Their efforts in building a living ecosystem in their soil beds isn’t easy, but produces complex cannabis profiles great for extracting into oil.

Because the demand for their vape products is so high, they source other quality local growers like Washington Bud Company who’s flower we also carry in the shop. With a great range of Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, THC & CBD vape cartridges, Avitas is a great option that many use daily!