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Being one of our newest additions to our flower lineup, we’re excited to add another company that takes the consumers health very seriously. Shawn DeNae and Bill Wagenseller – Founders, Owners, Growers and Medical Patients ultimately want to make you happy. Whether you use cannabis for pleasure or purpose, your health is the most important aspect of Washington Bud Company.


Each variety of cannabis chosen at Washington Bud Company has stood the test of time as being naturally resistant to pests and mold. With the addition of biological and environmental controls, such as beneficial predator bugs, everything applied to the plants is natural. All of their finished products are tested for pesticides and heavy metals before packaging. Working closely with the WA state department of health, Washington Bud Company is the first company to receive a general use compliant symbol.

One of our favorite aspects of Washington Bud Company is the consistent selection of strains. Often times we’ll fall in love with a strain from a specific grower, then never see it again. Trying new things can be fun, but also frustrating. You play the game of chance and hope for the best. Sometimes you win big, but usually theres sometime you’d prefer to smoke again. Because Washington Bud Company has chosen to grow hardy strains, they’ve been able to deliver the same consistent high you experienced last time. This has been one of the biggest hurdles with the growing demand for quality cannabis products in Washington!

If you really enjoy their flower but want it in oil form, check out our vape cartridge options from Avitas and Heylo cannabis. Some of their most popular strains include Sky Master, Ripped Bubba, Pure Kush, Harlequin (high CBD), and Blackberry Kush.