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Heylo is an i502 cannabis extracts processor located in SODO, Seattle, Washington. Built on a mission of creating greater education and transparency in cannabis extraction, Heylo was founded by Lo Friesen in 2017. Lo is an environmental chemist who received her B.A. in chemistry from Northwestern University. Lo worked for a cannabis extraction machine manufacturer and another processing company before founding Heylo.

Education and transparency are two principal values that separate Heylo from the many processors in Washington. There are lots of C02 vape cartridges in the state, what makes theirs any different?


First off, Heylo always sources the highest quality flower (not shake) in the state. Their first extraction began with Washington Bud Co, known for their pesticide free, responsibly grown cannabis which we also carry at the shop! Some other growers that we carry and Heylo uses for extractions include Trail Blazin Productions, Saints Joints, and Constellation Cannabis. Lo understands that cutting corners is only going to loose customers trust. Instead, they take pride in what they produce. They provide more information about their products than required by the state and even make Spotify playlists to accompany each strain.

If thats not enough, Heylo is all about sustainability and strives for ZERO waste in their extraction lab. Ever since their doors opened, everything gets used for something. One example is their topicals. All the fats, waxes, and lipids from the cannabis flower get filtered out during the C02 extraction. Typically this ‘waste’ would be thrown away, not in this lab! Instead, they take this plant material and turn it into an effective topical lotion!


We recently visited their lab and got schooled on what flower gets used for what. Outdoor grown flower contains a higher terpene content and a wider spectrum of cannabinoids. This results in delicious extracts that focus on the ensemble effect (all cannabinoids/terpenes working together). Indoor grown flower typically contains less terpenes and range of cannabinoids but very high in THC content. For example, their Dutch-47 from Trail Blazin Productions (indoor LED grown) tests 62% THC and 3% terpenes. Their outdoor grown Headband by Cascade Gnome tests at 49% THC and 10% terpenes. Heylo extracts both because their isn’t a right or wrong option. Everyone has an individualized experience with cannabis and strains effect each person differently.