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Constellation Cannabis is a tier 3 producer/processor based out of Arlington, WA. Small batch craft cannabis is their focus with strong aromas and clean highs. Most known for their solventless hash oil, and biodegradable packaging, Constellation is one of the few companies in Washington that consistently produces high end hash rosin.

When they first started out in 2018, the rosin was great, but similar to most with a clay texture. Some strains produced a nice wet clay, however, some came out dry and crumbly. Since then, Constellation Cannabis has taken great measures to completely upgrade their solventless technique. As of this last drop of hash, if you put it next to a live resin dab you probably couldn’t tell the difference! “I can’t believe it’s not BHO!” is commonly heard when people see their concentrates. All of the flavor & consistency of a dab, without the use of harsh solvents!

The proof is in the price. Great things don’t come cheap. The biggest difference between rosin and BHO/PHO (butane/propane hash oil) is the amount of resinous flower needed to make the product. So many companies produce BHO because it yields a lot more concentrate. This is great for them, but less healthy for the consumer. Companies making solventless hash like Constellation are catering to the concentrate connoisseurs. Those that don’t mind paying more for the cleanest, tastiest hits. The experience is why people crave more. Some of the tastiest smoke we’ve had so far!

Solventless on the go! Constellation also features a vape cartridge line that contains the same solventless extraction but in a vape! We’ve found these carts to last a lot longer than a distillate cartridge as the oil doesn’t seem to burn as hot. The strength also allows you to get pretty high off a few puffs. No need to suck on your vape all day. Quick, discrete, and potent. Not quite as delicious as their solventless dabs, but that’s a hard bar to meet. If you normally cough a lot from vapes, these are worth a try! No additives, just hash rosin in a cart! Definitely one of our favorite cartridges in Seattle right now.

Some of the best infused joints. Hands down. They look really small, but pack a big punch! We shared one joint amongst four heads and got surprisingly high! Nothing too intense, but pre-rolls usually don’t do much for heavy smokers. These actually burn well and taste like actual flower too! No shake here!

We’re excited to carry Constellations Cannabis products and looking forward to how they continue to innovate in this industry!