CBD Capsules are still one of the simplest, and cost effective ways to consume CBD oil. Looking to feel clear headed and alert while still feeling at ease? Say hello to the Wildflower 20mg CBD + Curcumin and Ginseng cbd capsules! Wildflower capsules begin with full spectrum CBD oil, and then add curcumin, ginseng, black pepper oil, and other powerful natural ingredients. This synergistic blend helps to aid brain function, boost circulation and immunity, and increase focus while maintaining a clear headspace. Wildflower focuses on the healing properties of cannabis to provide a better quality of life without feeling stoned. One of our favorite things about Wildflower is that they deliver quality CBD without adding sugars and artificial flavorings to the finished product. Instead, they focus on herbs and other ingredients that amplify the desired effects. 

Has your mind been wandering off when you need it to stay focused? Do you get anxious just thinking of all the things you have to do? The Wildflower 20mg CBD + Curcumin and Ginseng CBD capsules may be the right product for you! The vial comes with ten capsules, 200mg total that easily fits in a small bag. Wildflower’s mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants. They use full-spectrum CBD extracts to provide effective relief. Wildflower formulates their products using plant derived and 100% natural ingredients. Located in Bellingham, this company is a staple for those seeking wellness and relief from cannabis. Try a Wildflower product today and experience the natural difference.

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