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Green Revolution is striving to show the world what amazing things can be done with cannabis by proudly shouldering a commitment to being the ‘face of the plant’. Their line of full flower extracts made with organic, sun-grown sourced materials highlights the incredible potential of beneficial cannabinoids, and showcases the future of lesser-known compounds like CBG and CBN.

After discovering the powerful holistic properties of hemp and CBD with an early naturopathic health company, Green Revolution founders jumped at the opportunity to revive their passion for bringing infused topicals and tinctures to Washington’s recreational market. Through experiencing first-hand the impressive effects THC topicals had on people experiencing a wide spectrum of issues, they knew that pushing the boundaries of what was possible with topicals and tinctures was the right path to pursue.

A giant barrier preventing those who could greatly benefit from cannabis-derived topical products is the stigma that still surrounds this incredible plant, and at Ethos they fully realize that battling this perception is crucial in legitimizing the use of cannabinoids.

Flexibility is at the core of Ethos’ own ethos, with a special emphasis placed on experimentation and growth as they work to create to most effective products possible. They’ve even hosted a PHD residency program in the past to conduct independent research and help discover new ways of isolating and enhancing these little-known compounds!

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Green Revolutions oils are created using a CO2 extraction process that’s meticulously purged and triple-tested to ensure the cleanest extract possible. For some of their topical products, a gentle alcohol extraction is used to help coax out some of the more subtle celluloid and alkaloid materials from the roots of the cannabis plant. Every batch of extract has to pass Green Revolutions own Cannabinoid Standardization Protocol to ensure consist effects for every product, every time. That means terpene profiles and specific cannabinoid ratios are tightly controlled to deliver identical results regardless of fluctuating factors in the source material!

Wildside, an infused sparkling water is the latest addition from Green Revolution and is quickly turning into a customer and staff favorite. With up to 100mg in a single bottle, Wildside is one of the few beverage companies with a re-usable cap. Take a couple sips, toss it in your bag, and enjoy gentle doses all day. With THC and CBD options, theres an experienced designed for everyone. Stop by either of our locations for a wide selection of Green Revolution products!