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Artizen Cannabis


The Artizen team developed a proprietary database in order to most efficiently grow and distribute their cannabis.

CBD Cigarettes by Joysticks Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA


The closest thing to a CBD cigarettes, Joysticks are carefully rolled to ensure a smooth and even burn. 

Skord Flower


Saints was founded in the Georgetown/Seattle area by members of the Seattle Medical Cannabis community.

Solstice Cannabis


The first ever WA state approved cannabis production company and facility established in 2011.

Joints, Doobies, Pre-Rolls, whatever you like to call them, we’ve got it! From individual joints to 2-packs, 4-packs, 5-packs, and variety strain packs, there’s a lot of options. We suggest trying out a variety pack or a selection of singles to find out which ones you like. Once you fall in love with one, we’ll typically have the same strain available in a multi-pack option or in flower form if you really want to stock up.