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Solstice is renowned in Washington State for forging the path forward when it comes to quality, reliability, and compliance in the recreational market. As the first ever WA state approved cannabis production company and facility established in 2011, the Solstice team have taken tremendous strides towards perfecting their own growth methodologies, and in helping to advocate for safety and transparency in this burgeoning industry.

Founders Alex Cooley, Will Denman and Pete Miller formed Solstice with the aim to provide the highest quality medical cannabis possible with an emphasis on branding, and with an ardent dedication to advancing sensible regulation. 5 years later, Solstice has grown into a cannabis powerhouse with an in-house line of premium flower, a cutting-edge breeding and R&D facility, and partnerships with sustainable farmers around the state to help spread their environmental footprint as much as possible.

When it comes to Solstice’s growing techniques, their mantra is customization, hybridization, and specialization. Years of trial and error and exhaustive testing have directly influenced how each strain is grown at Solstice’s facility; with every factor tweaked to support the specific needs of each plant.

Shurman CBD cannabis in vegetative growth at Solstice

From the outset, the plants in the Solstice nursery are grown exclusively under LED lighting systems. Not only does this support their deep commitment to energy efficiency and usage reduction, but in conjuncture with traditional HPS lighting systems, it has yielded some spectacular cannabis. After repotting the young plants into their final growth medium, rows of plants are transferred to Solstice’s inventive modular grow rooms where they flourish under conventional lighting setups.

Solstice's LED-lighting in the nursery

These grow rooms are designed to maximize every square inch of cultivation space possible, with gigantic sliding racks setup to provide easy access to Solstice’s cannabis caretakers without disturbing the plants. Both organic and synthetic nutrients are used in highly specialized ratios to cater to each strain’s optimal growing tolerances. This commitment to maximum control over all the growing factors is evident in the fully automated lighting, temperature, humidity, and C02 systems that allow the Solstice team to monitor and adjust variables for optimal growth in their 10,000 square ft. of cultivation space – even remotely!

Blueberry Cheesecake Cannabis growing at Solstice

At the very forefront of their R&D efforts is the adaptation of tissue culturing for cannabis plants. Traditionally, where one mother plant might yield 100 clippings or ‘clones’ to maintain the genetics of a certain plant, tissue culturing might allow for 1,500 clones of the same variety! A growth agar is used to promote regeneration from a minute amount of plant material, thereby saving a significantly larger portion of the original plant. This means less genetic dilution of the original mother plant, less stress placed on these valuable plants, and much greater potential yields.

cannabis clones in Solstice's R&D nursery

By sourcing their genetics from all over the globe, the Solstice team is able to draw out the best qualities in their flowers and then selectively breed them to highlight and accentuate them. Solstice Traditions, their own in-house bred varieties of cannabis are fantastic examples of the best of the unique characteristics of each strain. Their Blueberry Cheesecake is delightfully fruity, slightly funky (reminiscent of its Cheese lineage), and perfectly balanced for those who like a more cerebral sativa.

Flowering Blueberry Cheesecake cannabis at Solstice

Their incredibly stimulating Dutch Treat is another example of a wonderfully balanced sativa that promotes creative thinking without sedation. The piney, tight buds from this plant are both delicious and temptingly enjoyable.

Dutch Treat flowering at Solstice Cannabis

Solstice offers a diverse array of indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers to exactly suit your preference. Their beautifully manicured strains are also available in pre-rolled joint packs that are perfect for an adventure, outing, or just simply for grabbing something on the go.

Solstice’s managing team not only abides by a commitment to quality and sustainability, but also of responsibility to their employees. Solstice team members enjoy subsidized healthcare, a 401k program, and bike to work incentive program, and even robust break room facilities. We’re proud to highlight the investment Solstice is making in the happiness and health of their employees.

From its original origins as Washington State’s first Rolls Royce garage and dealer display back in the early 1960’s, the building that Solstice now occupies is once again creating history by pushing the very boundaries on what is possible in the cannabis industry. We can’t wait to see the future developments that Solstice certainly has in store, and are excited to see how this dynamic team will continue to influence the industry for years to come.