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Drawing from a variety of cannabis-related backgrounds, the Artizen team has grown exponentially from their original 8 employees to a team of over 90! A combination of large-scale grow experience, medical cannabis familiarity, and a deep passion for cannabis has guided the Artizen crew through their early stages and propelled them to the heights they’ve reached as a fully-operational tier 3 farm.

Artizen proudly operates one of the most technologically advanced grow setups we’ve had the privilege of visting. The Artizen team has taken a completely customized approach to their facility, with almost every single aspect of their process tailored to their strict standards for environmental, hygienic, and ecologically friendly operating procedures. This incredibly powerful system is currently running full-pace for 18,000 sq. ft. of canopy under cultivation and 50,000 sq. ft. of overall work space. Even the scaffolding and infrastructure in each grow room was custom designed and fabricated to their stringent standards.

Grow facility at Artizen Cannabis

The entire Artizen facility is one giant automated system, with air, light, CO2, water, and every possible factor monitored and regulated to maintain the perfect conditions for each step of the process. UV filters sterilize air as it enters the building, a massive reverse-osmosis machine creates chemically pure water, and negative air pressure maintains optimal conditions at all times. Not only are all inputs controlled, but Artizen maintains a commitment to being environmentally conscious by controlling and processing their outputs, as well. Essentially, the entire operation is designed to provide the ideal growing, trimming, curing, and packaging conditions, throughout the building. Every room has its own parameters for each specific step in the process. They’ve even laid out the entire facility to run in an infinity symbol shape for maximum efficiency as they move the flowers through each stage!

Dutchberry cannabis flowering

The mindful approach of Artizen is definitely a hands-off one; the buds are rarely if ever touched by staff during their growing stages in order to keep them as hygienic and undisturbed while they’re in their most sensitive phases. Sterilization techniques with gentle peroxide are utilized to inoculate crops and keep them free of external stimuli. The growers are even known to roam the facility with testing swabs to ensure that microbial growth or unwanted contaminants are always within their standards for cleanliness.

Artizen uses a combination of conventional and organic nutrients that are equally controlled and automated to deliver the proper supplements at the proper time. An extra-long flushing and curing process also enables the Artizen staff to develop their incredibly high-quality flower further through these concluding stages. CO2 and other air levels can be crucial at this fragile stage, and Artizen specializes in maintaining their ideal conditions through this last step.

Dutchberry ready for cropping

Their Dutchberry has all of the ideal qualities of a potent sativa without any of the paranoia or ‘racy’ feelings sometimes associated with strong sativas. Fruity, deeply relaxing Grape Ape is equally delicious and therapeutic. Allen Wrench is a true sativa for sativa lovers. Tangerine Sour Diesel is energizing and clear-headed. Orange Kush is sweet and packs a tangy citrus punch. Their latest addition, Shark Shock, provides earthy flavors and seriously potent effects. Artizen’s robust strain lineup ensures that you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and how you’re looking to feel.

Allen Wrench growing at Artizen

Artizen’s pre-rolled joints are continuing to grow in popularity here at (Lux), and we’re excited to now offer single, 2-packs, and 5-packs of their strains! Unlike some farms that use giant grinding machines to pulverize their flower and trim for joints, Artizen’s ‘Joint Dojo’ uses a specialized grating technique to produce the perfect consistency. After ensuring their flower-only joints aren’t too fine or coarse (for ideal smoking), the material is sifted before rolling to create perfect blend consistency.

The Artizen team has taken their innovative efforts one step further and developed a proprietary database in order to most efficiently grow and distribute their cannabis to Washington’s retail shops. That means dynamic and predictive ordering, purchasing models, and processing so they stay ahead of the needs of each market. Their modular grow rooms are setup to track each bud as it moves through the facility. Corresponding pots, drying hooks, and finished product are tracked to allow the grow team to hone-in on any plant in whatever stage it might be in. When it’s time to ship, Artizen has a dedicated fulfillment suite to package and parcel out their orders, all of which is tied to their tracking software.

We just recently received Artizen’s newest addition to their product offerings – pure THC distillate vapor cartridges. This highly refined concentrate is mixed with strain-specific terpenes to highlight the unique flavors and effects of each strain. With increased variety of cartridges, some new concentrates, and a whole host of original strains in the works, the future for Artizen couldn’t look more promising. You can discover all of Artizen’s fantastic cannabis at either (Lux) Pot Shop Ballard and Lake City.