CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD Oil ready to vape in a 510, Pax Era, or Airo Pro cartridge.

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Airo Pro Advanced Vapor System Seattle,WA

Airo Pro 

Advanced Vapor System. 3x the vapor.  CO2, Distillate, and High Terpene Extract options. 

Avitas Grown C02 Vape Cartridges Lux Pot Shop Seattle, WA

Avitas Grown 

A producer/processor with a goal to provide consistently enjoyable C02 oil in pre-filled vape and Pax Era pod.

Buddies Liquid Diamonds Vape Cartridges Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA


Liquid Diamonds live resin cartridges and extracts available in Pax Pods, 510, and all-in-one vapes.

SFV OG wax from Canna Organix Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA

Canna Organix

Sourced from their green house flower, Canna Organix produces live resin and terp cystals in high CBD & THC. 

Dabstract Pax Pods Lux Pot Shop Seattle,WA


Pax Era vape pods from Dabstract offer many strain specific options sourced from Phat Panda flower. 

Fairwinds CBD to THC Ratio Cannabis Vape Cartridges


Washington’s leading cannabis wellness company. Winner of DOPE industry awards Best Tincture & Topical. Relief focused.

Fire Bros Kief Hash Rosin, bho, wax, concentrates

Fire Bros

Known for their award winning Ewok in 2013,        Fire Bros breeds and produces unique cannabis.

Harmony Farms C02 and High Terp Vape Carts

Harmony Farms

As both company and people we promote a future filled with harmony.

Heylo Cannabis C02 vape cartridges Seattle,WA

Heylo Cannabis

Transparency and education.All oil from the Heylo Lab starts with the highest-quality flower.

OG Kush Live Resin by Oleum Extracts

Oleum Extracts

No additives. Just Oil. Wizard Stones, Cryotek, and Rocks and Sauce are just some of Oleums  great offerings.

Refine Concentrates X-Tracted Laboratories Seattle,WA


Producing top of the line hash oil extracted from high quality source material. Located right here in Seattle.

Lodi Dodi Crumble Concentrate by SPP

Smokey Point 

Proud to work with top level producers in the industry; growers who care far more for their plants than money. 

CBD Vape Cartridges are simple to use and can provide instant relief. Great for people who don’t have the time or patience for an edible to kick in. Vapes are easy to dose as you can take a puff or two and see how you feel before inhaling more.