All flavors of Pioneer Squares edibles in a row, with the Seattle skyline in the background.

Craft Elixirs in Seattle

Pioneer Squares, Lori’s Chips, and Dank Chews…Oh my!

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To experienced edible consumers, this should come as no surprise: not all edibles are created equal.

And this marked difference isn’t just found in the recipes or flavors….it’s in the care and expertise of the hand that crafts them.

That’s why Craft Elixirs, a female-owned, Seattle-based edible company, has loyal fans statewide. Founded in 2013, they got their start by producing versatile, small-batch syrups. Since then, they’ve expanded their product line considerably, but the practices that garnered recognition in the beginning are still very much present.

High-quality ingredients, consistent effects, the respect for the plant and patients that only comes from seasoned cannabis industry veterans….all of these qualities make Craft Elixirs products a cut above the rest.

A 10-pack of Pineapple Crush Pioneer Squares sitting on a granite surface. A single serving sits in the foreground.

Small batch, non-GMO, and potent

Craft Elixirs a rarity among edible producers for the simple fact that their products capture the essence of the whole plant and all its associated benefits. Where other edible companies use distillate infusion, Craft Elixirs infuses their edibles with their own medical-grade Rick Simpson Oil, extracted in-house.

And this holistic approach is seen in every step of their process, from their non-GMO ingredients, to their recipes that fit anyone’s dietary restrictions. Every product in their repertoire is vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher.

Pioneer Squares are their most celebrated edible. Each artisan fruit chew is made with real fruit, with flavors to suit any palate: sour cherry, black and blueberry, and pineapple crush, to name a few.

And while Pioneer Squares are Craft Elixirs’ bread and butter, they also produce a few unique hidden gems.

Lori’s Chips are an awesome choice for snackers who can’t stop at just one bite. With 10mg in a whole bag of Lori’s, you can munch away without worrying about overindulging.

And you won’t believe their Dank Chews are vegan- these fudgy, bite-size treats have all the rich flavor of a brownie with none of the guilt.

A 10-pack of high-CBD Black and Blueberry Pioneer Squares sits on a granite surface. A single serving sits in the foreground.

THC and CBD perfected

Not all edibles are created equal, it’s true….so you might as well have the best.

From the first bite of any of their products, you’ll see why edible consumers all over Washington have a special place in their hearts for Craft Elixirs. And then, after an hour or so, those effects will creep in, and they’ll have a special place in yours, as well.


We’re proud to offer you a wide selection of Craft Elixirs products!

See for yourself why they’ve earned the title of “Best edibles in Washington!”