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Oleum Extracts in Seattle

No additives. Just oil.

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Oleum Extracts process some of the smoothest hydrocarbon dabs in Washington. Their process beings with sourcing resinous material from high end producers around the state. Because they’ve established partnerships with many of these growers, Oleum has build an impressive lineup of ever-changing strains to try. 

One of the earliest companies to produce THCa isolate, Oleum branded these 99.9% pure THCa crystals ‘Wizard Stones’. Completely free of other cannabinoids and terpenes, this dab is all about the strong effects. The large stone looks like a clear crystal and is typically broken down into smaller chunks for dabbing. Because there’s no terpenes present, the dab temperature can be hotter to fully activate the THCa. This product won the 2017 & 2018 Dope Cup awards and ever since many companies offer a ‘rocks and sauce’ type of concentrate. 

With legalization, Oleum Extracts continues to push the extraction options available to consumers. Their Cryotek extracts are some of our favorite dabs they offer for potency and flavor. When extracting this way, freezing cold temperatures (below -100F) preserve the tasty terpenes from the flower and the THCa present. The freezing cold temperatures are great at extracting cannabinoids while leaving the botanical impurities behind.