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Gold Leaf Gardens in Seattle

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Gold Leaf Gardens is, rightfully, one of the most sought-after farms in the state.

This Tacoma-based cannabis producer/processor transcended its early success as a medical provider, and continues to flourish in Washington’s recreational market.

With multiple awards, an array of cannabis strains and hash rosin, and strict organic principles, the Gold Leaf name is synonymous with quality for cannabis lovers the state over.

Ohana Means Family

Gold Leaf Gardens is a family affair in the most literal sense. 2 extended families, originally from the sunny, botanically rich islands of Hawaii, represent the entire company.

They’ve taken their “ohana” (family) philosophy to their company and engrained it throughout their process.

Certainly, Gold Leaf’s holistic approach to growing and generations-old cultivation techniques give them a unique edge that creates exceptional flower.

From their start as a fledgling farm, owner Nate and master grower Buddha created a line of cannabis that is utterly bursting with terpenes and cannabinoids.

Flower at its Fullest Potential

Above all, the Gold Leaf way is one of true harmony with nature. The main goal is simple: optimize plant health.

First, their handcrafted soil is imbued with healthy living organics – microbial life, beneficial bacteria, and symbiotic insects. As a result, their plants have a helping hand in expressing their flavor and cannabinoid profiles.

Imbuing their soils with nutrient-rich microbial ‘tea’ kick-starts a natural environment that yields phenomenal results. By essentially inoculating their plants, Gold Leaf flower regulates itself within its perfect mini-ecosystem.

With minimal inputs past the initial ‘nutrient-loading’ stage, the Gold Leaf Team simply controls lighting, temperature, humidity, and C02 levels to nurse every cannabis plant through its growth cycle.

Similarly, utilizing cloth pots allows maximum oxygen saturation for the plants, and the development of a rich and deep root system.

Moreover, the Gold Leaf crew is intimately aware that these plants are not just mere commodities. They are living things. This commitment to respecting the plant throughout it lifecycle is more than evident in the final product.

For example, we’ve all heard the old adage that a houseplant will respond to classical music over metal. Similarly, plants respond to a relaxed environment over a stressful one. Gold Leaf applies their own version of this to their garden.

Taking stock in how one’s personal feelings effects their environment is critical.  Not just for happy humans…but for happy plants as well.

This devout respect for the health and well being of not just their plants, but also their entire team, makes all the difference. It results in some of the richest and most interesting cannabis we’ve ever come across.

The Gold Leaf Strain that Started It All…And Its Successors

The Gold Leaf Team relies on their own discerning tastes to guide their strain selections, and it shows.

For instance, Gold Leaf Gardens first became renowned for their Peppermint Girl Scout Cookies- a landmark strain that was completely unique to the other Girl Scout Cookies varieties on the market.

The slightly indica-leaning Peppermint Girl Scout buds, dazzlingly covered in trichomes, provided a very relaxing experience without overly sedating. With the richest flavors and smells of any GSC in the game, this is unquestionably the strain that put Gold Leaf Gardens on the map.

But flash forward to now, and Gold Leaf hasn’t stopped bringing new heat to the 502 market.

Maybe you’re after an absolute flavor bomb strain, like their Ric James.

Or you like smoking on something to melt the stress away, like Durr Burger.

Whichever way you swing, Gold Leaf Gardens grows a strain for you. Their lineup is a “who’s who” of the best in modern cannabis genetics.

Polar Icetracts: Gold Leaf Flowers…Pressed

Part of the Gold Leaf Gardens family, Polar Icetracts is an award winning processor of full melt bubble hash and hash rosin. 

Every concentrate starts and ends with Gold Leaf Gardens clean-green certified flower or a company with similar growing practices and quality. The high-quality, resinous bud results in very minimal extraction/filtration needed to create the concentrate.

Polar Icetracts is a fully solventless extraction company. That is to say, they don’t use propane or butane. Instead, the starting material is washed through ice and water separating the sticky resin heads from the green plant matter.

First, they collect this hash (known as full melt or bubble hash) through micron screen bags. After that, they slowly cure it to make sure no moisture remains. This process results in hash rosin, which typically has a wet clay consistency and complex flavor.

Many cannabis connoisseurs consider this to be the finest extract. Its flavor, purity, and true expression of the plant are unparalleled.

Not a dabber? No worries. You can still experience the magic of Polar Icetracts. Smoke one of their infused prerolls, Diamond Tips, and taste the solventless difference.

We’re proud to offer you a wide selection of Gold Leaf Gardens products!

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