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Gold Leaf Gardens has transcended their early success as a medical provider and is now flourishing in Washington’s recreational market. With an array of award-winning cannabis strains and rosins, the Gold Leaf Team has unquestionably cemented their rightful position as one of the most sought-after farms in the state.

The Gold Leaf Team is a family affair in the most literal sense – the entire company is represented by 2 extended families originally from sunny Hawaii. They’ve taken their “ohana” (family) approach to their company and engrained it throughout their cultivation process. From their start as a fledgling farm, Owner Nate and Master Grower Buddha have expanded their team from 8 to 15, and have cultivated a line of cannabis that is utterly bursting with terpenes and cannabinoids.

The Gold Leaf way is one of true harmony with nature. From the very outset, the handcrafted soil is imbued with healthy living organics – microbial life, beneficial bacteria, and symbiotic insects – in order to give their plants the greatest helping hand in expressing their flavor and cannabinoid profiles. Imbuing their soils with nutrient-rich microbial ‘tea’ kick-starts a natural environment that yields phenomenal results. By essentially inoculating their plants with such a healthy, naturally thriving environment, the Gold Leaf flower regulates itself within its perfect mini-ecosystem.

With minimal inputs past the initial ‘nutrient-loading’ stage, the Gold Leaf Team simply controls lighting, temperature, humidity, and C02 levels while their plants are nursed through their growth cycles. Utilizing cloth pots allows maximum oxygen saturation for the plants, as well as helping to develop a rich and deep root system.

While each plant is carefully trimmed to maximize yield and grow space, the Gold Leaf crew is intimately aware that these plants are not just mere commodities – they are living things. This commitment to respecting the plant throughout it lifecycle is more than evident in the final product.

We’ve all heard the old adage that a houseplant will respond to classical music over metal, or a relaxed environment over a stressful one, but Gold Leaf applies their own version of this to their grow rooms. Taking stock in how one’s personal feelings effects their environment is critical for not just happy humans, but for happy plants as well. This devout respect for the health and well being of not just their plants, but also their entire team, results in some of the richest and most interesting cannabis we’ve ever come across.

Gold Leaf Gardens has become renowned for their Peppermint Girl Scout Cookies and their Tangie – both landmark strains that are completely unique to the other varieties currently on the market. The slightly indica-leaning Peppermint Girl Scout buds are dazzlingly covered in trichomes, and provide a very relaxing experience without overly sedating. Tangie, on the other hand, provides an explosion of orange flavor and euphoric clarity. Bursting with citrus terpenes, Tangie tastes just as good as it smells, and is an absolute pleasure to look at with its fiery orange hairs.