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“What is THAT?”

When we get this question, nine times out of ten it’s accompanied by an extended hand pointing to a single product in our case. A hand rolled Leira cannabis cigar.

Against a backdrop of pre-rolled joints in plastic tubes and cardboard, the Cannagar jumps out immediately. Its wax-dipped seal on its glass encasing ensures an air tight cure. The gold-embossed Leira cigar band is perfectly contrasted by the rich green of its wrapping made from marijuana leaves. The level of detail certainly draws many eyes. Even if you don’t smoke and have no idea what you’re looking at, you just know: this must be really, really special.

Gold Leaf Gardens Potent Flower


Leira debuted on 4/20 in 2016 with the release of their flagship Cannagar: a 14 gram cannabis cigar with Gold Leaf Gardens flower, wrapped in cannabis leaves. Since their inception, Leira has expeditiously become the industry authority on luxury pre-rolled cannabis products.

From the Cannagar, their other variations of products followed. The personal 4 gram Cannarillo with a burn time of an hour. El Dorado, a now-viral 24k gold-wrapped Cannagar. A14 gram Hemp Cannagar, and the 4 gram Noir. The Noir swaps out the cannabis leaves and for a hemp blunt wrap.

They even once contained Polar Icetracts solventless hash rosin. But due to state regulations, they are no longer allowed to be rolled with rosin. We hope this silly regulation ends soon. In the meantime, the prices have lowered accordingly. With that said, the cannabis leaf wrap, quality craftsmanship, and Gold Leaf Gardens flower make smoking a Leira an upscale experience just the same.  

Most notably featured on the Viceland program “Most Expensivest” with host and rapper 2Chainz, Leira Cannagars and other Leira products are beloved by celebrities and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Burning from a length of anywhere from 1-3 hours (1 for the 4 gram options, 3 for the Cannagars), they’re ideal for an upscale gift, special occasion, or just smoking with some buds and catching up. 

The phrase “flash-in-the-pan” comes to mind for many other celebrity-promoted cannabis products, but let’s not mince words here. Leira sources only the most premium quality pesticide-free, indoor-grown flowers. Their premium buds and genetics come from esteemed cultivator Gold Leaf Gardens for their Washington products. Luxury in, luxury out.

Gold Leaf, Polaricetracts, Diamond Tips, Leira Group


Slow-burning, smooth, and potent, Cannagars are 100% handmade using a labor-intensive process totally exclusive to Leira.

An evenly-packed and functional cannabis cigar sounds like a natural progression from pre-rolled joints and blunts. But Leira’s founder Ariel Payopay, and the others who’ve tried to replicate, can attest that it’s much easier said than done. In fact, weed has been fully legal in Washington for 7 years. Even with rapid product development, Leira is the only company producing premium quality cannabis cigars.

Each of the 14g Leira Cannagars takes approximately an hour to roll by hand. They require a hollow tunnel through the center to maintain airflow, and cure for 6-8 weeks before sold. If any of these factors aren’t controlled for, the resulting Cannagar will not burn like a cigar. The leaves used for wrapping won’t hold their shape, and your smoke will taste like lawn trimmings.

The 4g options are crafted with a similar technique, making a Leira cannabis cigar of any size a hard-to-come-by treat. Don’t think of this as just any old pre-rolled marijuana product. Leira Cannagars are the weed counterpart to a finely-aged, rare cabernet.


Because of the time and labor to craft Leira Cannagars, Cannarillos, Noir blunts, and 24k Gold Cannagars, availability of Leira’s products is very limited. The prices of their products not only reflect the pure quality of the starting materials, but the hard work and love behind each and every item. This is NOT the kind of product you can go purchase at the drop of a hat, unless you’re lucky with timing! Even the virtually THC-free Leira Hemp Cannagar, which you can buy online, is in short supply. 

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They’re well worth the wait, we promise. 

If you’ve found yourself on this page because you’re looking everywhere and can’t find a store that has Cannagars, Cannarillos, or Noirs, patience is key! The Leira team is probably hard at work, crafting more.


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