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A Cannabis Cultivation Keystone and Customer Favorite

They say experience is a cruel teacher. But we disagree.

Because sometimes, experience comes in the form of dense, well-cured, pungent buds.

Such is the case with Experience Organics, skilled cannabis cultivators out of Benton City, WA. Delighting cannabis newbies and seasoned stoners alike, Experience Organics blesses dispensary shelves all over Washington with clean, flavorful flower.

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Standout Quality, Sustainability and Stellar Flagship Strains: The EXO Secret Sauce

If we had to sum up Experience Organics (a.k.a EXO) flower in one cliche? We’d say it punches way above its weight.

Let’s start with their genetics. Many of their strains are exclusive and bred in-house, something you won’t find many other growers in their price-range doing.

Then, there’s the care and intention put into their growing process. Each plant is meticulously nurtured in soil, with minimal inputs. This maximizes the output of terpenes and other unique traits but that’s not all. It also means their process is safer for our local water sources and results in less waste.

And then comes the clincher: the premium grade of their finished product. The well-developed, fragrant flower that comes off their trimming table would be right a strong contender in any cannabis cup.

EXO might be a budget-friendly brand, but it sure doesn’t smoke like one.

A 3.5g jar of Hyphy by Torus.

Gandalf: An EXO Signature Sativa-dominant Hybrid, As Seen in Northwest Leaf Magazine

Nothing represents EXO quite like their Sativa EXO original, Gandalf. Northwest Leaf sure thought so; they featured Gandalf as their December 2017 strain of the month.

With base genetics of Grand Daddy Purps (GDP) and EXO White, and King Kong and sativa traits bred in gradually, this is one strain you won’t find anywhere else.

And what a rare treat she is! Those lucky enough to try Gandalf can expect berry and tropical flavors, sweet and eerily similar to a Fruit by the Foot. A gentle uplift and creative buzz compliment the lip-smacking mouthfeel of this not-so-hidden gem.

There’s a reason why Gandalf put EXO on the map. Scratch that, a BUNCH of reasons. See for yourself what all the fuss is about and pick some up, STAT.

A 2-pack of Torus Ice Cream Cake prerolls.

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