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A Cornerstone of PNW Cannabis

Years ago, if you were to claim a small medical cannabis dispensary in Sequim, WA would become one of the top producers in the recreational market and beyond, you would’ve been met with some skepticism.

Discussions of the burgeoning cannabis industry were abuzz with rumors of a “Green Rush”. Suddenly, every Tom, Dick and Harry with a business background was licking their chops at the prospect of getting rich. Surely, competition in the recreational cannabis space would be stiff. How could a little medical dispensary on the Olympic Peninsula become a reckoning force?

For Falcanna, now located in Port Angeles, this question isn’t merely hypothetical. The answer actually lies in the question itself. Falcanna has secured the hearts of many because they’ve kept their holistic cannabis approach in the face of mass production.

Their shared love of rehabilitating falcons is what brought husband and wife founder duo Bethany and Justin Rondeaux together, but it was their love of weed that lead them to found Falcanna. There’s no denying Bethany, Justin and the rest of the Falcanna team are all about their cannabis.

Their original facility has grown to 3 (soon-to-be 4) facilities. They’ve expanded past their home state of Washington into Montana, Oregon, and even Madrid, Spain. Yet, the goal of Falcanna remains unchanged: build a relationship of trust and transparency with their customers and provide them with the cleanest cannabis possible.

An eighth of Falcanna's Charlotte's Web sits amongst branches and yellow flowers.

Great Cannabis Starts With Great People

Bethany Rondeaux only talks about Falcanna’s accomplishments with a caveat: “Our accomplishments are the accomplishments of my team, not me.”

While her humble attitude is endearing and shows how much she values her staff, there is one accomplishment that her and Justin can definitely take credit for: their kick-ass company culture.

According to Bethany, retaining the same rock-star staff is the key to growing great flower. New folks doing things their way in the grow room means bigger disparities in quality from batch to batch, which ultimately results in a less reliable experience for you.

Hence why, to keep their growing conditions as consistent as possible, Falcanna has gone above and beyond in investing in their team. Bethany and Justin pride themselves on always promoting from within, paying living wages, and giving the team as much of the product to sample for themselves as legally possible.

A top cola of Falcanna's Pacific Purple

Falcanna Strains: Cultivated For Experiences, Not Instagram

It crosses the mind of everyone who’s ever bought weed: how do growers choose what to grow?

The answer depends on who you ask. Some seek out genetics based on yield alone. Many growers are after whatever is hot and new in the genetics world. Other growers select their lineup based on the appearance of the flower, what will have the most jar appeal.

Falcanna, on the other hand, is one of the rare companies that doesn’t fit into any of these categories. All the strains Falcanna grows are intentionally selected for the irreplaceable experience, not because they’re dripping in trichomes or trendy.

Naming just one of the notable pickw from this brand proves to be difficult. With Pacific Northwest heirlooms, well-executed classics, and exclusive in-house genetics, they all feel worthy of a shoutout!

Their flagship indica strain Pacific Blue is perhaps their most famous. Bred by Justin to have alleviating properties, this shining star has helped Bethany herself and many others manage symptoms since it was acquired 12 years ago.

Then there’s staff favorite Gorilla Cookies, with its’ goofy and even-keeled high. Nothing says “crowd pleaser” like a cookies strain, and Falcanna is here to satisfy.

Their Diesel Thai has become synonymous with “creative, focused sativa” for many Washington cannabis enthusiasts. Grown from a cutting given to them by one of their medical patients, this gem is also totally unique to the Falcanna brand.

We could go on, but you get the picture: no matter what’s on the menu, you’re guaranteed to get something with a high that’s distinctive and memorable. You’ll even be able to consistently come back for more if you like it, time and time again.

3.5g of Falcanna's Diesel Thai sits atop cherry blossoms

The Patients are Paramount

Being disappointed by a watered-down version of a strain you enjoyed before is a bummer. Bad-tasting weed is no fun. Never finding a strain again is a disappointment. And if you have symptoms you’re trying to manage, these things can go from an inconvenience to downright exasperating.

Having served medical marijuana patients long before their venture into recreational weed, the team at Falcanna has special, on-the-ground insight into what you need out of cannabis. Your symptoms don’t just “go away”, so why should the strain that helps you manage them?

The folks at Falcanna have already asked themselves questions like this so you never have to. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience. You know, the way quality cannabis should be.

A detail shot of Pacific Purple flower.

Clean Green….and Beyond

While we’re on the topic of things you shouldn’t have to worry about, let’s talk pesticides and environmental impact.

Falcanna, once again, exceeds expectations in this department. Their biodegradable packaging is the most obvious example of their commitment to the planet. But behind the scenes, there’s even more they’re doing to set themselves apart from the rest.

Their 3 facilities are optimized to use water and energy as efficiently as possible. They utilize organic nutrients, a blend of tea and minerals. Their pesticide-free flower is grown in living soil, in harmony with nature.

But do you really think they stopped there? Of course they didn’t! Falcanna took their continued commitment to providing medical-grade products a step farther by pursuing pharmaceutical certification. If it means that they can give their customers the peace of mind they deserve when they smoke, Falcanna spares no expense.

A pack of Pacific Blue prerolls sits on a rocky shoreline.

The Bar is High So You Can Get Higher

Keeping up with demand, different flowering and harvesting times for each strain, breeding projects, AND ensuring that each batch will be as pristine as the last is no easy feat. To do all this while taking the brilliant initiative to create biodegradable packaging and reduce their environmental impact is astounding. It requires an immense level of expertise, coordination, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

But for the team at Falcanna, it’s a labor of love. A love for cannabis, and a passion for providing you with something that will help you get the most out of life.

Falcanna founder Bethany poses with her falcon, Charlie

We’re proud to offer you an extensive selection of Falcanna products at any Seattle Lux location.

Drop in anytime and find out what our picks are, or browse a menu page below.

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