Pacific Blue is a classic pacific northwest cross of Pre 98 Bubba Kush x DJ Short Blueberry. Bethany, co-owner of Falcanna relies on this strain specifically for daily relief. Before this, she was trying various medications that weren’t effective and caused side effects. Once you find a strain that works, you stick with it and that’s exactly what Falcanna plans to do. Pacific Blue is relied on by many and here to stay for as long as possible.

The buds in this ounce were so big, and amazing looking. The colors of the buds were platinum green, with groupings of dark amber colored hairs. And the trim was so well done. Dense buds, but not super sticky. Very easy to break down, and roll up. Super fluffy after the grind.

The taste is great, like a musky tea, and it smells very similar. Pacific Blue is very chill, not intense in anyway. Very relaxing in the mind and body. Really great for a relaxing night with family of friends. Overall very glad I bought the ounce! The packaging is really great. It is a really big (latch to close) mason jar, with a really good seal. The label is actually a good quality sticker on the inside, and it has another sticker with percentages, and info on the outside. Very very easy to repurpose this jar.