Tranquil Forest cannabis flower seattle

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The world record for how many times a single sheet of paper can be folded is 12.

But if you could continue folding that piece of paper 50 times, it would be as thick as the distance from the Sun to Earth’s moon.

Theoretically, it isn’t possible. Although neither was folding a piece of paper in half 12 times….until someone did it.

Andrew Curley, owner and head grower at Spokane Valley cannabis cultivator Fifty Fold Industries, borrowed his company name from this theoretically impossible feat.

But Fifty Fold is more than a name. It’s a philosophy. Seek to improve on what others say you can’t. Strive for what others say is impossible. Always try to fold the “proverbial piece of paper” one more time.


Tranquil Forest cannabis flower Seattle

Every harvest the Highest Shelf

Product consistency is important no matter what field you’re in. But when it’s weed you’re dealing with, it’s a lofty aspiration.

Much like a 2017 batch of wine could be totally different from a 2018 batch of the same wine, cannabis of the same variety can vary between harvests. Many cultivators chalk this up to the realities of the realities of working with a living plant.

But not Fifty Fold.

They dial in everything, and we do mean everything, to their state-of-the-art “Diamond cut precision standards” so that each batch turn out as good as the last. Utilizing stonewool and hydroponic technology, they grow each harvest to their exact specifications

From germination to flowering, from the curing process to trimming, their passionate staff tend to the individual needs of every single flower to maximize each strain’s unique characteristics and flavor profile.

No surprises. No disappointment. Every harvest is fit for the highest standards and the highest shelf.

Tranquil Forest cannabis flower Seattle

Grown for the head grower….shared with you

You wouldn’t go to a fine dining restaurant where the chef doesn’t taste any of the menu before serving it to you. So why smoke weed that the master grower wouldn’t smoke?

You’ll never have to if you smoke Fifty Fold.  Cannasseur and passionate cultivator Andrew works tirelessly to make sure everything that comes down the Fifty Fold production line is up to snuff by asking himself. “Would I be excited to smoke this?”

And although Andrew’s personal preferences dictate the standards Fifty Fold holds themselves to, their strain lineup is a real crowd pleaser.

For starters, there’s their classic indica strains, like Presidential Kush and God’s Gift.

There are new, exotic strains for the adventurous folks; Gummiez, Slushious, and Molten Lava are just a few of their recent forays.

Last, but certainly not least, Fifty Fold grows some of the most highly-requested sativa strains in the shop. Mamacita, an heirloom strain they brought from La Perla, Puerto Rico, is a perennial winner in the sativa department. And we can’t forget their Copper River OG.

No matter which strain you gravitate towards, you can rest assured that you’re getting stellar-quality product.

Because it wasn’t grown to meet the standards of the masses. It was grown for Andrew and shared with you.

Tranquil Forest cannabis flower seattle

A great experience is just a fold away.

Peruse our selection of Fifty Fold products in-store, or browse any of our menus below!